Lizzo’s Half-Pony Waves Are Equally Suited For The Beach & The Red Carpet

Stunning as per usual.

Lizzo long hair sipping le croix

The thought of dealing with Lizzo’s stuffed schedule, infinite commitments, and never-ending meetings sounds exhausting, but the recording-star-turned-mogul is so good at making it all look easy. In fact, even ahead of her upcoming nationwide tour, the “About Damn Time” singer doesn’t miss an opportunity for fun — or to flex her creativity and passion for aesthetics with a new look. Lizzo’s half-ponytail in a new Instagram post showing off the latest Yitty goods is more than just an especially pretty hairstyle — it might just be the ultimate going-out hairstyle, and the solution to virtually all pre-event, what-should-I-do-with-my-hair panics.

In the video posted to her page, Lizzo is seen ensconced in a cheery, Kelly-green Yitty body suit, fall-perfect brown lipstick, and glossy elbow-length waves. Half of the hair is hoisted up into a tall, vertically-sprouting ponytail, its lengths spilling down around Lizzo’s shoulders to blend in with the rest of the hair. It’s sultry, it’s shiny, it’s perfect for keeping the hair out of your face while you dance all night — and that’s presumably part of why Lizzo loves this look so much. She’s worn the half-ponytail style plenty of times in the past (as have scores of other celebrities) but it’s the casualness with which Lizzo rocks it here that adds even more charm to the look.


What’s especially noticeable about Lizzo’s hair is the wavy, beach-y texture. So many of the half-ponytail styles favored by celebs in recent years (think Ariana Grande, Lori Harvey, and Zendaya) have followed a slightly more rigid and retro-inspired structure: slicked, straightened, and often flipped at the ends for a ‘60s feel. Meanwhile, Lizzo’s most recent take on the look is a more natural and effortless. Both versions of the style are stunning, but this change of pace is a refreshing one for the tail-end of summer.

As Lizzo gears up for her massive arena tour, speculation is already flying about what sort of costumes, makeup, and hairstyles she’ll sport onstage. Though nothing’s confirmed yet, expect it to be major — after all, think about how glam Lizzo looks just lounging by the pool.