One Look At Lizzo's Glitter Lipstick & You'll Be Ready For Fall Makeup

It’s about damn time.

Lizzo glitter makeup eyeshadow

Because she’s a true inside-out creative, even Lizzo’s at-home-for-fun photoshoots can skew seriously editorial — her eye for details, aesthetics, and powerful poses make sure of it. But just when you think her output surely has to slow, she proves why you should never doubt the Grammy-winner’s artistic productivity. In a new set of photos published to her Instagram over the weekend, Lizzo’s glitter lipstick and accompanying, similarly shimmery manicure — you could practically hear the screenshots being taken in unison. Glittery lip products can often err on the side of campy or juvenile, but Lizzo’s sophisticated, deep brown shade is both striking and highly wearable. Meanwhile, those ultra-long, baby-blue glitter nails she’s sporting are pure glam as they inject a contrasting dose of unfiltered fun.

Mercifully, the incredible artists behind Lizzo’s looks never gate-keep their products, more than happy to share with fans exactly what was used on the superstar. Celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo uploaded the shoot to his own page and thoughtfully included that the glitter lipstick is actually the Stay Golden Cosmetics Glitter Lip Kit in shade It’s Cocoa, a prismatic shimmer that’s been a viral mainstay of the line since it debuted back in 2017.

The kits come equipped with a colored lip liner, a pot of matching glitter, some lip gloss bonder to affix it, and a tiny paddle brush for tapping the sparkle in. In Lizzo’s case, the deep chocolate shimmer stands out even further thanks to the soft matte finishes found in the rest of her makeup — save just a bit of illuminating highlighter, of course. The only other glitter in her look is found in her blue-razzberry nails, created and filed to fine stiletto points by celebrity nail artist Eri Ishizu.

The ultra-luxe look was rounded out by an elegant updo courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Shelby Swain. Though much of Lizzo’s exact hairstyle is obscured in these photos, carefully gelled edges and a high, voluminous ponytail with hair tie-camouflaging pieces wrapped around it.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Lizzo’s entire shoot, though, is her revelation that it was all captured on an iPhone. But that’s just Lizzo — give her some incredible lighting and a cell phone and she’ll have a magazine cover-worthy shot executed in minutes. Call it just one of her many, many talents.