Lori Harvey's Just Upgraded This Classic ‘Girly’ Hairstyle

She stuns once again.

Lori Harvey girly hairstyle hair inspo

By every measure, Lori Harvey was born to be an It-girl — just look at her always-stylish dad and glamorous mother. But despite her elite pedigree and taste for the finer things in life, Harvey’s not content to just sit around and look pretty. The young star is a veritable entrepreneur in her own right, founding a best-selling skin care in between modeling gigs and cultivating millions of followers. The thing about Harvey, though, is she’ll juggle it all while looking photoshoot-fresh. For a special Black Beauty Roster event, Lori Harvey’s half-up, half-down waves struck a considered balance between youthfully feminine and professionally chic — an excellent blend for the occasion, which celebrates, unites, and cultivates opportunity for Black beauty business leaders. Harvey attended on behalf of her brand, SKN by LH, sharing her experiences as a founding CEO. And she did it with perfect posture, poise, and her signature sleek edges.

Of course, more than just Harvey’s hair stood out at the event. An understated yet polished makeup look featuring plenty of warm neutral shades and soft satin finishes (save for a bit of sparking lip gloss and some strategic cheek glow) and a preppy Chanel sweater set continues the refined, girlish theme — in fact, Harvey’s knitted pink tank, pearl earrings, and business acumen feel a little Elle Woods-y in the best way.

The CEO-chic look comes amid a wave of excellent hair, makeup, and fashion moments from Harvey, who seems to float from one high-profile get-together to another with impressive ease. Just hours before the Black Beauty Roster event, Harvey was in Vegas wearing a trendy spiked bun (the latest ‘00s style to make a full-scale comeback), and just days before that she was starring in Burberry’s latest handbag campaign.

The life of an It-girl is undeniably glamorous but time-consuming — the glam hours logged alone are probably staggering. The team behind Harvey’s Black Beauty Roster look makes it all look easy, though. Celebrity hairstylist Ray Christopher (he works with stars like Mindy Kaling, Tiffany Haddish, and Adrienne Bailon) styled those glossy waves while Diana Shin, Harvey’s go-to makeup artist, worked on her face. Together, the three created one of the best and most versatile looks in Harvey’s oeuvre — and considering the frequency with which she stuns, that’s really saying something.