Courtesy of Aeva Beauty / Model: @antonia.jannee

Aeva Beauty's New Champagne Collection Includes A Rainbow Of Glitter Finishes For Your Lids, Lips, & Cheeks


The latest buzz word to commandeer the beauty industry is "multipurpose." Rather than dipping into a never-ending spread of eyeshadows, lip colors, and blushes, people are gravitating more now toward versatility. Swiss Army Knife-style cosmetics like Champagne Mami is the key. This shimmery "topper" — adaptable to any feature that may demand a glowy lift — has amassed such a hefty following, in fact, that Aeva Beauty made a whole Champagne Collection out of it.

The original muse for this new, limited-edition range of glittery finishes is a peachy-nude eyeshadow veil that doubles as a highlighter addition or body shimmer or basically whatever you want it to be on the given day. Champagne Mami is one of the most beloved products in Aeva Beauty's lineup of lipsticks, glosses, palettes, lashes, and loose powder highlighters, and so naturally, the brand baked up an entire family of it.

The new Champagne Collection comprises three vivid shades of the cult-classic gloss luster: Lavish, a yellow-bordering-on-green hue; Sky, a bright periwinkle; and Rose, a touch pinker than the initial Champagne Mami shade. Although they're much more colorful than the original glow topper, these three can, too, be used on cheeks, lips, eyelids, or wherever.

Courtesy of Aeva Beauty / Illustrator: Dijon Durham

The luxuriously sparkly, highly pigmented trio launched for $16 apiece on Juneteenth, aligning with the Black-owned brand's consistent focus on inclusivity. They can be worn on their own or with other products for added shimmer, and can be applied wet or dry, with a flat brush or a finger. All three can be purchased as a bundle for $48 on

The longevity of the limited-edition Champagne Collection depends on demand, but if they turn out to be as popular as Champagne Mami itself, they may as well be considered part of the brand's permanent range.

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