How To Properly Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

Very few people are born with naturally perfect brows (Lily Collins is the exception). At some point, most of us have to put in some effort, whether that involves shaping, grooming or filling. Whatever your needs may be, with the proper amount of attention, we’re all equally capable of achieving flawless arches. There are just a few minor tweaks standing between you and your dream brows, so we’re showing you how to whip yours into shape for your best-looking pair yet.


Brow Down

Determine the shape of your brows by aligning a few points on your face. Line up an eyebrow pencil from the outer corner of your eye to your nostril to find the point where your brows should end. Then look straight into a mirror and hold the pencil up from the outer nostril and across your pupil—this is where your arch should be. Lastly, keep the pencil at the same point and hold it upright—this is where your brows should start.

Trimming your brows is the fastest way to give them instant polish. Brush hairs straight up and use a pair of mini scissors to trim the ends—just follow the natural shape of your brows when snipping and only clip a few hairs at a time.

When it comes to creating a shape, tweezing allows for more precision and an overall better result. Tweeze the center, top and along the brow bone for the cleanest arches.

To finish your brow shape, add a little definition. Using a spoolie, brush hairs straight down to find any gaps or sparse areas. Apply a brow gel with an angled brush, then groom brows back into place to finish.