Lily Collins’ Sky-High Hairstyle Is A Modern Take On This ‘60s Classic

The higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

Lily Collins long waves engagement ring floral background

Lily Collins has always had a timeless look that’s allowed her to flit between different decades’ styles, and aesthetics with the most casual ease. In just a few scrolls through her Instagram feed, you’ll be met by ‘80s Joan Jett Lily Collins, French New Wave Lily Collins, and Renaissance Royalty Lily Collins, with several variations in between. Her latest transformation? A subtle nod to the ‘60s that manages to elevate even the most otherwise simple hairstyles. Styled for a daytime talk show appearance, Lily Collins’ ‘60s hair featured a deep side part and some serious volume at the crown that would look just as at home in a Beatlemania montage as it does on the red carpet today. Created by Collins’ longtime hairstylist, the volume-heavy look adds instant vintage flair — and is so simple to recreate at home, too.

Hairstylist Gregory Russell — who routinely works with Collins’ It-girl peers like Anya Taylor-Joy, Precious Lee, and Diana Silvers — first shared photos of his creation, promoting Collins’ Jan. 4 appearance on Ellen. Her recently-chopped bangs (another genius move from Russell) are seen camouflaged into a fuller side-swept part while the rest of her hair is left long and straight before gently curling under mid-back.

The look is instantly reminiscent of mod style, a ‘60s style staple characterized by voluminous flipped-out hair, cat-eye makeup, and lots of lashes. Collins’ own mod hair is only emphasized by her equally on-them ensemble — the cut, print, and large lapels in particular. What’s remarkable, though, is just how different this voluminous crown style feels from other sky-high hairstyles she’s tried. At the 2019 Met Gala, she wore a massive beehive tamed by a thick headband in a style reminiscent of Priscilla Presley.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

For those looking to try the style at home, there are two real routes to getting your hair big and beautiful. The first is to use a teasing brush to backcomb the underside of the hair, effectively creating a bubble with knots. The second way is to use a hair volumizing device like a Bump-It — yes, the infomercial favorite — to build up that height. To aid the process, use a large-barreled brush and a hair dryer on wet, upside-down hair first for some assistance defying gravity. From there, it’s just about placement and shine — and preparing for the inevitable double-takes, of course.

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