Fashion Week From Home Still Means Pulling Out Dresses & Heels

Here's how 28 influencers are staying stylish.

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Aimee Song
Aimee Song's fashion week style.
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For an influencer, fashion month is the Olympics. It's the time they've spent all year preparing for — to see upcoming collections up close, connect with others in the industry, and of course, show off their personal style. Even as the majority of events are being held virtually this season, influencers are still dressing up for shows. As it turns out, many are wearing the same type of look they would if they were sitting front row.

The traditional street style will be limited this season — though you can still expect IRL attendees for some of the industry's biggest brands — but, you can still anticipate a number of styling trends to emerge from the usual showgoers. New York-based influencer Maria Alia tells TZR she thinks there will be a lot of '70s references, and also Y2K trends outside the shows. As it happens, '70s styles have been everywhere recently, from throwback jewelry displayed on the Spring/Summer 2021 runways, to flared pants pictured on influencers all over Instagram. Paris-based influencer Maria Bernad predicts that, with everyone taking in the show alone, the focus on personal style will grow. "Maybe people are not looking that much [at] what everyone is wearing down the street, and are starting to develop these personal ways to follow the trends," she tells TZR. "I just think people, like myself, love fashion and it’s a way of expression so we will keep dressing up and both creating and following trends!"

Last season marked the first time editors and influencers were learning to navigate what a fully digital fashion month would be, which meant thinking about how to best work with brands from home. Now that they're a bit more comfortable with the process, they've even joined in on the fun, like for Baum und Pferdgarten's digital lookbook featuring a slew of well-known influencers across the globe. But despite changed conditions, their priorities on the runway remain unchanged. "[I'm looking forward to] shows that have diversity, body inclusivity, and shows without ageism," New York-based influencer TK Wonder tells TZR.

Curious to know what else these influencers are doing this year to celebrate the month? Below, read on to see what these fashion girls will be wearing, what shows they are looking forward to, their predictions for street style trends, and the pros and cons of a virtual fashion month.

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How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Jenny Walton

New York-based creative Jenny Walton, is still wearing all her signature quirky jewelry at home, however, she's opting for more knits these days. "I think a great way to not get bored is to play with color, or if you dress in a more neutral manner, to play with stunning shades, even if they are subtle," the influencer tells TZR. "I’m looking forward to watching shows on the go as I walk around the city or at home curled up and comfortable. Of course, there are those particular days that you feel like taking a special dress for a spin — I like to do this on Friday nights as a sort of cocktail hour at home."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Chloè Harrouche

Chloé Harrouche

After all the time spent at home, influencer Chloè Harrouche is itching for the chance to dress up for a show. And, she has already tuned in to a few. "I watched Chanel's couture show the other day and it is always a special moment for me," she tells TZR. However, she's missing the environment of a regular fashion month. "I think that inspiration comes from the street and that the street style contributes to it, will come back stronger than ever!"

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Alice Barbier & Js Roques

Alice Barbier and js Roques

"In order to support the industry and invite our community to get involved in fashion month, we have decided to promote it through stylish Instagram posts featuring our favorites designer pieces," Paris-based influencer Alice Barbier tells TZR. This season, Barbier and her partner Js Roques have already followed along during men's Fall/Winter 2021 fashion week and enjoyed shows like Louis Vuttion. "Seeing the fashion industry getting full digital and putting considerable efforts into digital concepts is great," she says. "We are looking forward to the womenswear season and to see how brands are going to reinvent themselves." But, if there are any physical shows this season, the duo is more than happy to give their sweatpants away and put together some cool edgy looks. "When it comes to street style, we do not follow the trends, as we'd rather focus on matching our outfits," Barbier explains.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Aimee Song

Aimee Song

Los Angeles-based influencer Aimee Song misses the excitement and anticipation of the shows. "Just like a concert, it’s not the same watching a concert from home versus physically being there," she tells TZR. "I miss seeing show-goers in person, all wearing their best looks, the street style photographers, the music you hear at the show, the venues, and the runway looks in person." While it might not be the same experience, Song is following along at home with her pups. Last month, the influencer dressed up for Dior's couture show wearing a look from the brand. As for the ready-to-wear shows, expect to see her posting photos on her Instagram wearing ensembles from the labels.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: TyLynn Nguyen

TyLynn Nguyen

Los Angeles-based influencer TyLynn Nguyen's looks have been softer these days, consisting of cozier fabrics and, "things I can cuddle up on the couch in," she tells TZR. Above, Nguyen is wearing a Chanel look with a Janessa Leoné beret. While she's snug on the sofa, the influencer is planning on tuning in to shows like Chanel, Hermès, and Dior.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Idalia Salsamendi

Idalia Salsamendi

Though they might not physically be there, influencers are still supporting designers from afar. In fact, Idalia Salsamendi, consultant and influencer, says that's what fashion week is all about. "Even at home, it's no different for me," she tells TZR. "I turn my dining room chair into an exclusive front-row seat and my dining table into the most dreamy catwalk. It's really so much fun!"

While she does miss the energy of the shows, Salsamendi says that virtual events make fashion a lot more inclusive, which she's all for. "The fact that anyone no matter their location can log into the designer's website and be able to see a proper fashion show is truly empowering," she tells TZR. "It's uniting us in ways I don't think we even truly are grasping right now, especially during a pandemic."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan. Photo: Lydia Hudgens

"For fashion week events at home, I’m wearing the stretchiest, comfiest suit I own — the Henning Laight Suit — because I’ll look put-together enough to be seen by fashion folks while feeling like I’m in loungewear," Lauren Chan, influencer and founder and CEO of Henning, tells TZR. "I’ll just add a cozy turtleneck et voilà!"

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim

This season, Los Angeles-based influencer Chriselle Lim plans to go all out with glamour, even in the comfort of her own home. "I wore this Giambattista Valli dress to their haute couture virtual show and it was magical," she tells TZR. Though she misses being able to see the clothing up close and personal, Lim says she's able to attend more shows this season now that most are digital.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Maria Alia

New York-based influencer Maria Alia says it's really going to be a surprise what she decides to wear when she's pulling together looks during fashion week. "I can foresee there will definitely be a few days where I'm watching shows from my bed in some cozy sweats, but I do miss having reasons to dress up, so I'll probably create a few proper at-home looks in honor of fashion weeks past," she tells TZR. "I have a new cropped Peter Do sweater I'm dying to wear, also these Gucci platforms that I bought right before the pandemic are really begging to be styled."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Ellie Delphine

Ellie Delphine

Paris-based influencer Ellie Delphine is eager to pull out her Good American tie-dye sweatshirt while watching the shows at home this season. "Then I could throw in a pair of very chic pumps to glam the whole outfit up," she tells TZR.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Abisola Omole

Abisola Omole

For influencer Abisola Omole, fashion week is all about being comfortable and chic. "I focus on classic ways I can elevate a look, whether through a double-breasted leather blazer or a pair of chunky gold earrings," she tells TZR. "Also I’m usually out for the whole day and sometimes don’t have a chance to change my look, so an outfit that is transitional in nature, like this slinky body-con black dress and leather blazer combo is perfect for a typical day at fashion week."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Angela Fink

Angela Fink

Right now, Los Angeles-based influencer Angela Fink is keeping things casual, and her go-to look is a pair of Levi's 501s, long sleeve t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and Ugg boots. She's looking at the positives of a fashion week at home, like the fact that her daughter can tag along and watch on her lap.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: TK Wonder

TK Wonder

This fashion month, Wonder is staying up-to-date at home wearing a mix between dressy clothing and pajamas. "I enjoy having fun with fashion as well as being creative," she tells TZR. The influencer says bold and colorful prints really speak to her. "However, the low maintenance appeal of waking up and staying in your pajamas when a show is just one computer click away is highly, highly appealing," she explains. "I’ll compromise between the two and take pleasure in both, especially since dressing up is no longer part of my weekly schedule."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Erika Boldrin

Erika Boldrin

When Erika Boldrin is invited to a virtual show, she'll usually wear a look from the label. "I think it's nice to support the brand also during these moments," she tells TZR. The Milan-based influencer is hoping, eventually, things will go back to normal when it comes to fashion month. "I don't think there will be a change of style after the pandemic, on the contrary, maybe you will be more willing to dare," she adds.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Maria Bernad

Maria Bernad

At the beginning of the pandemic, Paris-based influencer Maria Bernad found herself not dressing up like she normally does, only quickly realizing that wasn't like her. For fashion month, she's planning on playing with her clothes every morning to dress up and wearing the designers' collections at home. "Especially for the shows I’m attending in an online way," she tells TZR.

As far as street style trends go, Bernad believes personal style is growing, and people might not be caring as much what everyone else is wearing. In fact, she believes people will start developing personal ways to follow trends. "I just think people, like myself, love fashion and it’s a way of expressing themselves, so we will keep dressing up and creating or following trends!"

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Leonie Hanne


"There are some brand presentations, such as Dior, where I've never missed a couture show and I'll definitely be wearing a full look by the brand, even at home," influencer Leonie Hanne tells TZR. After spending so much time inside, she says, when it comes to street style, she thinks everyone will be craving some color in terms of street style. "But fashion will definitely be more laid back, incorporating trends such as styling up your sweatpants, as we all got so used to them."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Natalie Lim Suarez

Natalie Suarez

"You'll find me in an oversize black suit, bold earrings, bare feet, and a red lip," New York-based influencer Natalie Lim Suarez tells TZR about her go-to outfit during fashion month. "This type of casual look gets me excited to get work done, but also feels extra comfy and great for when I'm working sitting cross-legged watching shows!" This season, Suarez is looking forward to the Longchamp show. "It's a brand I've worked with for years now and I have the best memories from it," she says. "They always create a gorgeous and powerful atmosphere with a great cast!"

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Géraldine Boublil

Géraldine Boublil

"During this very unusual fashion month, if I have no zoom calls I will wear cashmere sets from Khaite with Jimmy Choo's shearling slippers or Bottega Veneta ballerinas," Paris-based influencer Geraldine Boublil tells TZR. "I like to play dress up for shooting [by] pairing Miu Miu sweatpants and bracelet mixed with an oversized black blazer." However, lately, the influencer says she's been shooting vintage pieces like a Chanel ensemble with sneakers.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Amy Lefevre

Though she might be watching from her couch, influencer Amy Lefevre still plans on dressing up a bit. "I am especially looking forward to dressing up with a pair of long Theory pants and the ROTATE long sleeve Miki dress," she tells TZR. The influencer is itching to pair her attire with her new Dior bag. While she's always eager to see classic shows such as Dior Haute couture and Chanel, Lefevre is excited for Iris van Herpen for the elegant, visionary, and fantastical design.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Nicole Huisman

Nicole Huisman

Nicole Huisman is celebrating fashion month in colorful apparel. "With the ongoing lockdown and the winter, I like to elevate my mood while wearing something poppy," she tells TZR. The influencer always feels inspired by Copenhagen Fashion Week. "It’s fresh, young, and relatable, and you can actually see yourself wear the catwalk looks," she tells TZR. "GANNI is always a favorite show, I wear the brand a lot and most of their pieces stay in my wardrobe for a long long time. In addition to GANNI, Huisman is curious to see what Helmstedt will do. "Their shows are always a bit quirky, [I'm] digging the surprise element."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang

For New York-based influencer Jessica Wang, dressing to stay at home isn't much different from what she would wear to an in-person show. Her must-have pieces include bold prints, exaggerated silhouettes, and statement patterns. "Although the ‘new normal’ currently is always wearing leisurewear, which I do enjoy, I miss getting dressed up and the hustle and bustle of the million outfit changes that typically take place during fashion month," she tells TZR. "To watch the shows from home digitally this season, I will be using it as an opportunity to dress up again and experiment with color and unique designs!" Above, the influencer is wearing a Fendi dress during the brand's virtual couture show.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Cipriana Quann

Cirpriana Quann

"Comfort is key in anything I wear but I still like to dress for myself, especially since some shows have virtual live elements to the experience," influencer Cipriana Quann tells TZR. This season, one of her go-to looks is a long dress with a mule, which she says can transition from a Zoom meeting to running errands.

The shows the influencers are looking forward to are those that consistently stand firm in showing a diverse presentation in age, race, size, and sexuality. "I am also looking forward to the artistic range and set design that a virtual show can provide access to, especially in cultivating a more creative and out-of-the-box canvas."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Ryan Norville

Ryan Norville

New York-based influencer and florist Ryan Norville says she might be the only person who feels this way, but she gets a special pleasure out of looking not put together while on a Zoom meeting or watching a show from home. "I definitely miss the magic of shows but work from home truly suits me," she tells TZR. "If I was feeling a bit snazzy and wanted to dress up for the occasion, I am definitely going to go with dressy on top and PJs on the bottom. Life indoors has definitely brought out my inner cottagecore, so I am probably going to wear my favorite RIXO rose embroidered top layered with a cute vest."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Linda Tol

Linda Tol

Amsterdam-based influencer Linda Tol started the exhilarating season of shows off with Chanel's Paris Couture show. (The look she wore to watch is shown above.) "I will wear the designers for most of the shows," she tells TZR about her upcoming outfits this month.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Bettina Looney

Bettina Looney

Influencer and stylist Bettina Looney is actually looking forward to enjoying fashion week from the comfort of her home this season. "It's so lovely seeing how creative everyone has become to be able to showcase the beautiful hard work they have put into their collections virtually," she tells TZR. In addition, Looney says it's amazing how people still get to dress up and experience fashion week at home. For the Chanel couture show, Looney dressed up in a Miu Miu top, mini Chanel bag, and her favorite vintage jewelry (as displayed above).

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Cassandra DiMicco

Cassandra DiMicco

When she's styling a look to participate in shows at home, New York-based influencer Cassandra DiMicco says she loves pulling out a matching pantsuit. In past seasons, she often styled her looks around a handbag and shoes. "This year I will be getting more creative with how I style my apparel pieces and jewelry," she tells TZR. "I also won’t be doing as much glam. I love a high fashion look with low-maintenance hair and makeup, it really makes for an effortless look."

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Estelle Chemouny

Estelle Chemouny

"This fashion month, I will probably watch the shows from my bed so my outfits have to be super cozy, yet stylish because it's fashion week," Estelle Chemouny tells TZR. The influencer says she has a Miu Miu mini tracksuit, and definitely plans on wearing it.

How To Dress For A Virtual Fashion Show: Ilenia Toma

Ilenia Toma

Recently, Milan-based influencer Ilenia Toma has been rethinking her daily looks, and asking herself the question: how can I be cozy, but not lazy? Therefore, these days, the influencer's go-to look consists of a cozy knit from The Odder Side, baggy joggers from The Frankie Shop, Rick Owen sunglasses, and flat heels from Anine Bing. Toma already participated in Baum und Pferdgarten's virtual lookbook, so be prepared to see lots of chic looks the rest of the month from the influencer.

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