According to Kylie Jenner, Oyster Chrome Nails Are Here To Stay

...at least for the summer.

Kylie Jenner Oyster Chrome Nails
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Lately it seems like a celebrity look — whether on or off the red carpet — just isn’t complete without some kind of nail statement, and Kylie Jenner is always someone we can look to when it comes to manicure trends and inspiration (hers are never not on point). In fact, if you follow the makeup mogul on social media, there are plenty of gratuitous nail shots for those in need of ideas for their next appointment. And it was exactly one such shot that made it clear that oyster chrome nails are still going strong.

Yesterday, in a series of Instagram stories, fans got a glimpse of this mermaid-inspired style as the reality star stepped out for coffee, and later, sister Kendall’s new peaches-and-cream Erewhon smoothie. Sure the drinks looked delicious, but Jenner’s shimmering tips were pulling focus, perhaps because this is yet another example of her move to a more subdued beauty style in general.

Over the past year, it’s clear that Jenner has undergone a style transformation. Along with chic, high-fashion looks, she’s also been sporting less-is-more makeup. And when it comes to her nails, more often she’s opting for a shorter, more almond shape as opposed to her former stiletto or coffin nails. Compare some of her bolder past styles — from handkerchief patterns to pearl-studded French tips — to more recent manis. Aside from her latest pearlescent set, her Met Gala nails were similarly subtle (at least for her, that is). Her pale nude manicure (the work of celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt) blended seamlessly into her minimalist look, with simple yet stunning makeup and hair.


If you’ve yet to try the nail trend, this season is the perfect time. It beautifully catches the sun and gives everything you wear that extra touch of mermaid vibes — and what could be more summery? To DIY it, look for polish or press-ons that are more metallic or pearlescent than glittery and undertones that are grey or nude. Or you can always take Kylie’s pic straight to your nail salon, like everyone’s probably doing right now.