Kylie Jenner’s Bug-Covered Nail Art Is The Last Look You’d Expect From The Star

And it’s so cool.

Kylie Jenner red nails

If there’s one thing Kylie Jenner’s going to do, it’s keep you guessing. Just when you think you’ve got her style nailed down for good, she’ll pivot hard in the opposite direction and pop up with a totally new aesthetic, a dramatic hair color, or an unexpected outfit. Her latest manicure, though, might be her most left-field look to date, but it’s also one of her absolute coolest. Jenner’s nail art is photo-realistic and adorable, with a single, tiny summertime bug adorning each one. There’s an itty-bitty beetle, a snail, caterpillar, ladybug butterfly, ant, a wee bumblebee, and even a worm. It’s an extremely fun choice, but did you ever think you’d see Jenner with worm-covered nails?

It was celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt that first shared the look to her Instagram, posting a still shot as well as a brief 8-second video clip that takes a closer look at each creepy-crawly nail. Jenner opted for grass-green French tips overall, then had the little big scattered across her fingers in different positions on each. The color she chose for the nail tips would be trendy and noteworthy in general, but the intricate art takes it to the next level. And really, the unexpected nature of the design is a growing trend in its own right.


For celebrities, the days of more classic, simple nail art — think little daisies — seems to be more or less over. Instead, the move is opting either for a more abstract concept like auras, or something more lifelike but very unique. Just look at Jenner’s friend Hailey Bieber. Earlier this week, Ganzorigt gave her “farmer’s market”-themed nails, covered in painted-on ears of corn, bunches of blueberries, a dew-glazed tomato, and a teeny-tiny carrot.

To get both Jenner and Bieber’s look, simply pick a season- or nature-inspired theme and go deep with the motifs. If you did a beach look, for example, don’t just stop at the usual sea creature fare — add an umbrella, a cocktail, and maybe even a hotdog or something. The key is to keep the actual paintings small and cute, but add some creativity into what you choose to paint.

Expect this trend to rage on for the rest of the year at least, meaning there’s plenty of time left to experiment.