Kim Kardashian Just Immortalized Her Love For Pete Davidson With Nail Art

P is for...

Kim Kardashian and pete davidson kissing

Just a day after Pete Davidson took his final bow on the Saturday Night Live stage to officially leave the late-night show for good, he got a very public display of support (and love) from his very famous girlfriend. Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been going strong since she appeared on SNL back in October 2021, getting more and more affectionate with every passing week. While Davidson already has several tattoos dedicated to her, Kim Kardashian’s pink nails — and the adorable detail featured on her finger — are her version of shouting their love from the rooftops for the world to hear.

Kardashian got long, hot pink acrylics with a shiny metallic finish and a very on-trend coffin shape, but it’s the tiny rhinestone letter P that elevates this manicure from a classic yet straightforward summertime nail look to a screenshot-this-for-the-group-chat moment. Never one to take away anyone’s thunder, though, it looks like Kardashian waited until after sister Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding extravaganza concluded to get the new mani (and show it off, too, for that matter). All through Italy, Kim Kardashian’s wedding guest nails were short, natural, and a muted, neutral pink-beige — but by the private plane ride home, they’d transformed into the long, attention-grabbing acrylics.

Kardashian let the rhinestones do the talking when she shared her coded manicure to the world, captioning it only with a winky nail-painting emoji. Naturally, her Instagram followers couldn’t get enough of the not-so-subtle shoutout to Davidson, with many remarking on the finger that features the P. While Kardashian cannily took a photo of her right hand, the fact that the detailing is on her ring finger was enough to send thousands into a comment section tailspin over the relationship. And while the placement could be a coincidence, a purely aesthetic decision, or somewhere in-between, the timing of the photo with just how loved-up the pair have been lately could hint at the possibility of another Kardashian family wedding on the horizon.

For Kardashian, this is as major a declaration as any. On the back of very high-profile red carpet appearances at the Met Gala, the White House Correspondents Dinner, and her new Hulu show, it looks like things are getting pretty damn serious for the couple. Consider getting in on a betting pool for her own show-stopping wedding veil while you can.