Simone Ashley Figured Out How To Make Neon Green Nails Work With Any Look

Taking notes.

Simone Ashley green summer nails

As cozy as deep fall tones can be, there’s something so special about a summer color palette. Not only do the bright, saturated shades look like all things summer (popsicles, seaside sunsets) but the mood-boosting properties of those colors aren’t just anecdotal — scientific research points to a real psychological benefit to surrounding yourself with these so-dubbed happy colors. And in that case, Simone Ashley must be having the best summer ever because her neon nail color is so electric-bright, it nearly glows. Simone Ashley’s green pedicure, seen on her Instagram zipping through sun-soaked mountain roads in the back of a vintage pickup, is carefree summer vibes personified.

Quite literally kicking her shoes off to sit back and relax, she just so happens to provide the perfect end-of-season summer toenail color inspiration at the same time. Though Ashley’s never one to shy away from a bold manicure or pedicure shade choice, she often opts for neutrals to avoid a clash with her fantastically colorful event outfits. A chilled-out weekend exploring nature, though, makes for a prime opportunity to experiment with trendy colors and bright summer nails. Green — in many different shades and forms — is already shaping up to be the it-color of the year, but this neon-toned radioactive green might just reign supreme over the others.

While Ashley didn’t share exactly where she is on vacation (and seriously, who could blame her?), sharp-eyed fans have deduced she’s likely enjoying the mountains somewhere like Switzerland, Austria, or Northern Italy. She’s been in the region a few times this year already, paddling-boarding the lakes, hiking the hills, and attending events like the Monaco Grand Prix a bit further down the coast.

Bright green has been a popular summer toenail polish choice among celebrities all summer (and last), too. Stylish A-listers like Issa Rae, Selena Gomez, and Dua Lipa have all sported electric green nails relatively recently — the shade is even sometimes called Gen Z Green, sort of the antithesis of Millennial Pink. Considering Ashley’s trajectory as one of the era’s coolest it-girls, it makes sense that she’d be the one to help personally usher in the newest it-nails.