Kendall Jenner Just Wore This Icy Winter Shade That’s Poised To Be Everywhere

It’s actually so understated.

Kendall Jenner

Few things are as divisive in the beauty community as blue eyeshadow. For some, it’s a cool and chic way to embrace color in your makeup and for others, it’s the most intimidating shade you could possibly choose. While it can certainly be tricky to work with, blue eyeshadow, when done right, is a stunning look that can be flattering on anyone and everyone. Kendall Jenner’s blue eyeshadow look just recently proves this tenfold, and the chic and understated style is sure to set off a major trend this fall.

Jenner showed up to support her sister Kylie at her beauty brand at last night’s Kylie Cosmetics and Ulta event with a simple yet stunning makeup look courtesy of Mary Phillips. The celebrity makeup artist shared a carousel of photos on Instagram showing off her work, dubbing Jenner “blue valentine” in the caption. In a close-up shot, you can see that Phillips applied a soft wash of matte blue shadow onto Jenner’s eyelids and a bit on her lower lash line. She opted for no eyeliner, simply adding some mascara to accentuate the model’s fluttery lashes. Jenner’s skin looks dewy and fresh, with pink blush on the apples of her cheeks and a neutral pink gloss on her lips.

Her hair, styled by Reagan Link, is pulled back into a sleek, spiky look, indulging in the Y2K-inspired trends that have been everywhere in recent months.

Blue eyeshadow has slowly been making a comeback, cropping up on the runways of 2022 New York Fashion Week and celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross and Dua Lipa. The bold and colorful makeup looks on HBO’s Euphoria have also helped bring couture beauty into everyday life.

"It is a forever color," CHANEL Celebrity Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff previously told TZR. "In color therapy, blue is considered a healing and calming color, reminding us of the sky and water, great healers... I think we all need some extra calming and healing these days, even if it is a subconscious choice."

It’s safe to say that lots of trendsetters will probably be reaching for blue eyeshadow this coming fall, so feel free to bookmark Jenner’s latest glam moment for future inspo.