Tracee Ellis Ross Nailed This Trendy (But Controversial) Makeup Trend

Take notes.

How Tracee Ellis Ross wears blue makeup.

Sure, you could follow 1,000 influencers to get all the latest and greatest makeup inspiration — or you could just keep up with Tracee Ellis Ross. The actor and all-around multi-hyphenate consistently shares the coolest beauty ideas on her Instagram, and this latest look, posted on May 10, is no exception to that rule. In the post, Tracee Ellis Ross wears blue makeup that matches her all-blue outfit, just in case you were wondering what to wear the next time you suit up in a monochromatic ensemble.

In contrast, Ross wears a plum-hued purple lip with a touch of red to it and what appears to be a bit of similarly colored berry blush across her cheekbones. Her brows are shaped but not overly filled in, and she’s wearing either a very natural-looking mascara or none at all. (Ross tagged Chanel makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown in her post, so chances are high that some Chanel Beauty products were at play here.)

It’s also just one more example of how blue eyeshadow remains on trend, regardless of those that call the controversial color trickier to wear than, say, another shade of beige. Though they aren’t necessarily wrong, either. If you aren’t one for bold makeup, approach the color like Ross did: pair it with a plum or pink lip, then leave the rest of your makeup more natural.

Fortunately for you, makeup brands have embraced the trend, as well. Below, shop some of the coolest blue eyeshadow palettes, singles, and liners, so you’ll have the shade on hand next time you feel like wearing blue on blue.

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