Blue Eyeshadow Is The Trend That Just Keeps Giving — Here Are 7 Ways To Wear It Today

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These seven celebrity looks prove blue eyeshadow is a forever trend

Fashion today is a ragbag of bygone trends plucked from various moments in history: tie dye from the '70s, mullets from the '80s, bucket hats from the '90s. Shoulder pads, acid-wash jeans, and crop tops have come and gone but blue eyeshadow is the seemingly immortal trend that has miraculously outlived them all.

"It is a forever color," CHANEL Celebrity Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff tells The Zoe Report. "In color therapy, blue is considered a healing and calming color, reminding us of the sky and water, great healers... I think we all need some extra calming and healing these days, even if it is a subconscious choice."

Thought to have become initially trendy after the 1959 debut of a blue-lidded Barbie, the hue has been periodically upheld by legends like Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, and David Bowie. These days, though, you're likely to see the shade on Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa.

Blue has become the new neutral makeup, able to translate seamlessly from decade to decade, from season to season. "I usually start to see blue tones come into play during the summer and even into fall sometimes because it's the one pop of color that has always been more wearable," says Ash K Holm, makeup artist to Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, and several Kardashians.

Holm reports seeing the hue crop up in outer corners and along the upper and lower lash lines — "little pops of blue are a great way to make a statement without overdoing it," she says. Meanwhile, Fiona Stiles — whose clients include Lily Collins, Gabrielle Union, and Kate Bosworth — tells TZR she's noticing bold, metallic iterations, either worn with a neutral face or paired with a bright-red lip "for a bit of Studio 54."

"I think you just need to lean into it. Go big or go home," Stiles says. "A flat wash of color paired with a dark blue liner and lashings of mascara. Don't worry about a lip color, just wear lip balm."

Seven celebrity-approved eyeshadow looks to inspire your next blue-painted lid, ahead.

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Blue Eyeshadow Trend: Bold & Retro

The iconic David Bowie eye from 1971's "Life On Mars?" video has been cropping up in copious quantities lately. Defined by cyanic shadow applied with a heavy hand — often sans blending — this decades-defying look is about as dramatic (and old-school) as a blue lid can get.

Blue Eyeshadow Trend: A Dusting On The Brow Bone

The 2020 way to wear color on your lids, as demonstrated by known blue eyeshadow lover Lady Gaga, is to dust a little on the brow bone, or in the inner corners, or really anywhere besides where it's actually intended.

Blue Eyeshadow Trend: Along The Bottom Lids

"I prefer to utilize blue eyeshadow as a liner or to smoke out my lower lash line with a royal blue," Holm says. Smoky lower lash lines are another one of this year's unexpected trends.

Blue Eyeshadow Trend: Muted & Smoky

For skeptics and newbies, Dubroff says "keeping the blue tight to the lash line is key." She recommends layering the bold hue over a black or gray base to make it less intense. Gabrielle Union's steel-blue smoky eye (courtesy of Stiles) is a great starting point.

Blue Eyeshadow Trend: Color Blocked

"I am loving that there are endless shades of blue, and ways to incorporate this color," Dubroff says. "Pale washes of baby blue, bold lines of vivid royal blue, color blocked, multi-tones of blue, lashes enhanced with vibrant blue mascara, deep midnight blue smoky eyes... to name just a few options."

Blue Eyeshadow Trend: Royal Blue Shimmer

Glitter lids have officially been resurrected from their '90s grave (along with every other trend predating Y2K, it seems). A sprinkle of shimmer helps to lighten up the deeper tones of a rich, royal blue shade.

Blue Eyeshadow Trend: Pale & Modern

"Personally I love a pale dirty blue with a hint of gray. A bit late '60s/early '70s," Stiles says. "I think a frosty blue is a little more linked to disco in people's minds, so find a matte baby blue to modernize it and make it your own."