Kelly Rowland Used Summer’s Best Style Trick To Transform Her Blonde Bob

So easy, so cool.

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Kelly Rowland long hair

The versatility of short hair can’t be understated. You might think that less length means fewer options to work with, but that couldn’t be further from reality. With a few key tools, products, and a bit of creativity at your disposal, even the closest-cropped chop can feel totally different every day. At the Cannes Film Festival, Kelly Rowland’s wet bob easily proved that theory, looking like an aesthetic 180 from the other hairstyles she’s worn this week. Damp-looking, brushed back, and accented with a jaunty flip through the ends, it brings some of Rowland’s trademark sultry edge to the legendary Cannes red carpet.

Rowland’s had a classic-length bob for a while now, but the platinum blonde shade — with a bit of dark root shadow for dimension — is still relatively new, making its Instagram debut only about a month earlier. Her first Cannes styles of the year were simple and sophisticated, featuring curved-under ends and bouncy blowout volume for a timeless feel. But for the red carpet premiere of Le Comte De Monte-Cristo on May 22, she got a little experimental. Her bob looks like she just emerged from the pool in her private suite, brushed her hair back from her face, and got right into her drape-y white gown. It’s elegant, effortless, and feels so Rowland.

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U.K.-based celebrity hairstylist Sheena Adae-Amoakoh, known by her Instagram handle HausOfShee, is the creative behind all of Rowland’s Cannes looks, including this undeniably sultry style. Adae-Amoakoh hasn’t divulged any behind-the-scenes secrets, but a few backstage shots shared to her Instagram suggest what fans were already thinking — a ton of time and detail went into every hairstyle Rowland’s worn to the festival this year.

To complement the summery, sensual hairstyle, Rowland tapped makeup professional Sir John for a classically cool smoky cat-eye, complete with a laser-precise ring of eyeliner across the star’s lower lash line.

For major events this season, borrow Rowland’s trick and use a combination of spray-on water, glossy-finish gel, and a wide-toothed comb to add a wet-look texture to hair of any length. With just a few extra minutes in front of the mirror, your hairstyle is instantly summer-fied.