Keke Palmer Went For The Ultimate 2000s Pop Star Look With Her New Hair Color

So totally cool.

Keke Palmer long hair

Among her many other titles, Keke Palmer’s dubbed herself a “millennial diva” — it’s even in her Instagram bio. Growing up in the 2000s meant exposure to all sorts of new technologies and culture-changing world events, but it was also one of the coolest times for music and beauty trends in general. Britney Spears was at the VMAs covered in rhinestones, Beyoncé was on TRL with frosty lipstick and a sky-high hair pouf, and everywhere you looked, bold, thick highlights ruled. Filming a video for an undisclosed project, Palmer channeled the Y2K energy by recreating that exact look. Palmer’s chunky highlights, bright and platinum blonde, are streaked through the fronts of her honey-brown bob, one of her all-time coolest wigs. The bold highlights converge at the ends, creating a blonde ombré effect that goes all the way around her head. It’s not clear exactly what she’s working on in the behind-the-scenes clip she shared to Instagram, but it’s already looking so fun.

Palmer posted the video on June 14, dancing with a group of professionals to Tinashe’s viral “Nasty.” She and the entire crew are all decked out in 2000s staples, like Palmer’s leopard print tube dress and brown gradient sunglasses.

What really cements the look, though, is her hair. There’s the length and shape of the bob itself, falling right at her shoulders, parted in the middle, and gently curved under. The highlights take it to the next level, offering big, chunky pops of blonde on either side of Palmer’s face. The ombré effect seen though the lower portion of her hair is a little anachronistic, but it just gives her hair a modern, fresh look instead of veering into pure aughts cosplay territory.

Anyone old enough to remember the first several years of the 2000s surely remembers the thick, bold highlights trend that enraptured their favorite celebrities and schoolmates alike. Kelly Clarkson had them when she released her debut album, fresh off that inaugural American Idol win. Christina Aguilera had them, though they often took the form of hot pink, red, or black streaks in her hair. Even Rihanna had them as she first arrived on the scene with her first pair of records, modernizing the look with her sharp, angled bob.

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Whatever 2000s-themed project Palmer’s working on now, the hair alone is worth tuning in for.