Jodie Turner-Smith's Pink Buzzcut Adds A Whole New Layer To The Monochrome Trend

It’s so fun.

Jodie Turner Smith makeup glowing skin pink eyeshadow

Beware anyone who tries to steer you clear of so-called “matchy-matchy” looks. In this modern, monochrome-obsessed age, there’s really no such thing. Contrasting shades make a statement, sure, but there’s something so contemporary and happy-go-lucky about working with several of the same colors. Just turn to the sweetest date-night look possibly ever for proof. By matching her sleek suit set to her pink hair, Jodie Turner-Smith takes the monochrome trend to new heights.

On Monday evening, Turner-Smith and her husband, fellow actor Joshua Jackson, were spotted strolling through Malibu, hand-in-manicured-hand and looking so in love. Turner-Smith’s perfectly-tailored bubblegum-pink trousers and blazer feature cuffed sleeves and hems to show off her shiny holographic-chrome pumps and silver jewelry, but it’s her hair that’s the best accessory here. Turner-Smith’s bright pink hair — a cheerful pop of color in her close-cropped buzzcut — is just a bit deeper than the suit itself, but when paired together, create a fun and cohesive color story. With distinctly of-the-moment takes on bright hair dye trending across the board — along with monochromatic outfits in general — Turner-Smith manages to be at once ahead of the curve and very on-theme for a romantic night out. What’s sweeter than pink-on-pink?

The pink hair is actually a recent acquisition, too. Turner-Smith has always loved to experiment with glamorous makeup and hairstyles — her flapper-style finger waves, tousled faux-hawks, and dramatic, elegant updos all come to mind — but she plays with color far less often. The effect, though, is all the more striking because it’s so rare. Most recently, after going for the full buzzcut, Turner-Smith bleached her hair which set the stage for the rich pink that would soon follow.

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pink hair of all sorts is enjoying another well-deserved moment in the sun, a recent comeback after becoming the quintessential quarantine beauty choice. At New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023, some of the coolest street style beauty looks featured pink hair, and Milan Fashion Week saw so many stylish takes on bright hair dye — Turner-Smith herself had her pink hair for the ultra-buzzy, twin-themed Gucci show. The bold pink looks so incredible on her, here’s to hoping for a parade of endless pink outfits for as long as possible.