Jennifer Lopez Debuted Blunt Curtain Bangs For Spring

This modern take on the trend couldn’t be cooler.

Chris Appleton Instagram
glam photo of jennifer lopez with long flowing blonde hair and smoky makeup

It can be hard to keep up with J.Lo’s ever-changing hairstyles, considering just how often she spices it up for different work appearances. Luckily, her go-to hair guy Chris Appleton shares a ton of behind-the-scenes photos of the singer and the myriad cool looks that he creates for her. This week, for instance, the Los Angeles-based stylist gave Jennifer Lopez curtain bangs — but not just any curtain bangs. Blunt ones.

It’s worth noting that they’re blunt because the songstress is actually no stranger to the curtain bangs trend. That being said, she’s never rocked it quite like this before. For instance, she usually goes for a longer, wispier style that falls just above her chin. This time around though, Appleton opted to make the bangs shorter and sharper for a subtly more modern feel that pairs perfectly with the pin-straight style he gave her.

“What do you think [of] today’s look Blunt Curtain bangs on JLO ? ✨” reads Appleton’s caption. The stylist shared several chic snapshots of Lopez’s new look, and naturally, fans appear to be obsessed with it. Case in point: The comment section is littered with messages like, “Obsessed 🔥,” “I think that... I want them,” and “Need 🙌.”

If you’re interested in trying the blunt curtain bangs trend for yourself, then you should definitely consider bringing in these photos as guidance for your hairstylist so they can know exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. And, if you happen to prefer the classic and slightly messier curtain bang style, you can still use photos of Lopez’s hair for reference. Just scroll through some of the below photos to see the pop star with different variations of the look.

As you can see, curtain bangs look amazing paired with a shag cut because they blend into the hair so seamlessly and add to the rocker-esque feel. Curtain bangs are also great to try if you’ve been considering getting bangs for a while but have been hesitant to take the plunge, as they’re less polarizing and easier to style than straight-across fringe.

Needless to say, if J.Lo’s new blunt curtain bangs are speaking to you, definitely take these photos to your stylist to get a fire hair transformation of your own.