J.Lo’s Best Haircuts *Ever* Included A Version Of “The Rachel”

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J.Lo's best haircuts of all time include a long cut with curtain bangs

Jennifer Lopez might be known to change her nail polish every day (and more often than that, on some occasions), but the actor and singer seems to change her hair nearly as much. And no, that doesn't just mean she wears her hair down one day and up in a ponytail the next; as evidenced by her hairstylist Chris Appleton's Instagram posts, Lopez frequently bounces between lengths and styles, often showing up in long, bombshell tresses one day and a bob shortly after. So it's no surprise that the list of J.Lo's best haircuts of all time is a long one.

It also starts *quite* a while ago. Because though many celebrities have tested out some of the past's questionable hair trends, J.Lo doesn't seem to have been one of them. In fact, even some of her haircuts in the '90s are still enviable enough to copy today — so much so that they're still being resurrected by other stars. Take her version of "The Rachel" haircut, which Lopez donned at the height of its popularity in the late '90s; it's now being worn in 2020 by major celebrities like Selena Gomez, proving that the star clearly knew how to choose looks that would somehow never go out of style, even more than 20 years later.

But again, there are plenty more cuts on the list of Lopez's best haircuts of all time, so keep scrolling for some serious inspo — nine of them are ahead.

J.Lo's Sideswept Bob Haircut

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This '50s-inspired style might have been one of J.Lo's chicest to date. The actor wore this cut in 2015, with it parted to the side and curled — a stark (and very welcome) contrast to her usual bombshell, over-the-top glam.

J.Lo's Long, Blunt Haircut

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J.Lo's look at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards in 1999 saw two iconic details from the singer — chunky highlights (which she recently brought back) and long, blunt strands, a sleek departure from her typically layered, undone styles.

J.Lo's Version Of "The Rachel" Haircut

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It seemed nearly everyone took their own version of "The Rachel" haircut for a spin in the '90s — even J.Lo. And while the look is more than 20 years old, it's still worth resurrecting today — further proving that no J.Lo look ever *truly* goes out of style.

J.Lo's Long, Choppy Bangs

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It's no secret that Lopez can pull off basically anything — and that includes basically every style of bangs. She tried out this style in 2009, pairing the choppy look with classic layers for a timeless effect that felt ahead of its time in the aughts.

J.Lo's '70s-Inspired Layers

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Not many could make this Farrah Fawcett 'do look timeless, but naturally, J.Lo managed to pull it off and make it feel totally relevant in 2020.

J.Lo's Super-Long And Sleek Haircut

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If anyone knows how to make a statement, it's J.Lo. And while her outfits *always* wow and surprise, her hair never fails to follow suit. Case in point: her look(s) at the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2016. Along with the three (!!!) outfits she wore for the evening, the singer also donned waist-length locks that matched the level of drama in her many bedazzled ensembles.

J.Lo's Curtain Bangs And Long Layers

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Though Lopez has has a *lot* of haircuts, nothing feels quite as classic to the 50-year-old as long, face framing layers. It's a style she returns to again and again, but one of her most iconic iterations was when the singer wore the look with curtain bangs (another look that's had a resurgence) to the Billboard Music Awards in 2015.

J.Lo's Wavy Lob Haircut

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Naturally, Lopez also put her own spin on the ultimate cool-girl lob at one point. The actor actually kept the style for a surprising number of occasions in 2016, taking the opportunity to wear it in a multitude of ways, from wavy and textured to sleek, curly, and parted on the side.

J.Lo's Sleek Bob Haircut

Though J.Lo has tried out her fair share of lobs and bobs over the years, her latest was arguably one of her sleekest. And her hairstylist Appleton clearly agrees; he posted the look on is Instagram in September 2019 with the caption, "I’m in to this cut." And given how chic it is, everyone else probably is, too.

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