Jennifer Lopez Is The Latest Celeb To Model The ‘Grown-Up Ponytail’

Try it for your next night out.

Jennifer Lopez White Ruffled Dress

Time and time again, Jennifer Lopez has shown that the chicest hairstyles don’t need to be complicated. Of course, it helps to have naturally gorgeous hair, not to mention the fact that she gets a little help from the best stylists in the business, but a big reason that the Atlas star has become a top source of hair inspiration to so many is that she elevates styles that are actually so simple. She’s done it before with tousled top knots (à la the 2024 Met Gala) and wet bobs (as she wore to the couture Schiaparelli show earlier this year), and most recently she’s giving another classic style a glamorous upgrade. For dinner in Beverly Hills on Sunday, June 9, J.Lo’s mid-height ponytail was just as eye-catching as her cutout crochet dress.

The ponytail is about as timeless of a hairstyle as you can get, but typically it’s thought of as something to be worn in more casual settings. But more recently, the biggest beauty trendsetters have been showing ways to make the pony feel so grown up. For example, Natalie Portman sported a version at the Independent Spirit Awards that looked sophisticated yet youthful with her red Balmain suit. The secret lied in her center part and voluminous waves along with the perfectly centered placement — which give it its signature perkiness. J.Lo’s latest pony has some similarities, but with a few variations that make her version feel considerably more sleek.

The Hollywood JR / BACKGRID

Like Portman, Lopez opted for a middle part — proof that Gen Z’s influence is still going strong. But although it’s not quite at nape level, like an on-trend low pony (worn lately by celebs like Kerry Washington and Kim Kardashian, to name a few), it is placed lower on the head than Portman’s version. Most notably, however, is how smooth and shiny J.Lo’s ponytail is. We know the This Is Me...Now star’s natural texture to be fairly wavy, so to get the effect, her stylist ensured every stand was super smooth. And for a more seamless finish, the ponytail’s tie has been disguised by simply twisting a bit of her hair over it.

If you typically only wear your hair in ponytail for gym sessions, beach hangs, or other dressed-down moments, let this be your sign to wear one on your next upscale night out. By following Lopez’s lead, you can create a look that’s grown-up and fresh all at once.