Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Manicure Looks Like $1 Million Bucks — Literally

She shines.

Jennifer Lopez fluffing hair mirror with nails

When you think of Jennifer Lopez, what comes to mind first? There’s her energetic bops, her vast library of truly excellent rom-coms, and unmatched fashion sense — not to mention a personal life even juicier than even her most drama-filled films. For beauty fans, part of J.Lo’s draw is her affinity for the finer things in life. Few celebrities can do casual opulence like Lopez, who posts photos of luxury vacations and shots of zillion-carat gems the way others share dinner orders. Just look at her latest manicure — does it get any more diva than Jennifer Lopez’s diamond nails? Long, sculpted, and absolutely covered in different-sized rhinestones, the new nails are like Lopez’s regal essence in manicure form.

Created by Lopez’s favorite manicurist, the incomparable Tom Bachik, the sharp, almond-shaped nails fit in nicely with the sparkle emanating from her nearly 9-carat green diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Naturally, Bachik referenced Lopez’s signature song when he shared a closeup of the completed nail look on his Instagram: “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block,” he quipped before adding, “Diamond drip mani for the queen.” While he didn’t share exactly which products went into the ultra-glam diamond nails, Bachik did tag Mia Secret on the post — safe to say at least a few components of the manicure come courtesy of the nail brand.

J.Lo’s manicures are frequent, extreme, and always great but this new set is so detailed and overtly glam that many fans speculate it was created for something major, be it a music video or personal event. For her part, though, Lopez appears to be staying mum for now. Over on her own Instagram page, the On The Floor singer posted an upbeat photo montage of her showing off the new, jewel-encrusted nails, captioned with a vague “It’s givin’.” Coupled with the glitter-packed smoky eye she’s wearing in the photos, it’s easy to see why her fans are whipped into such a frenzy.

Regardless of the occasion, there’s a reason why this glitzy manicure style is so popular with stars like Lopez, Megan Thee Stallion, Vanessa Hudgens, and Cardi B. Diamond nails aren’t just eye-catching and sparkly — by sticking with the clear, prismatic gems, the intricate designs match virtually every possible outfit with no risk of clashing. Think of it as the world’s most decadent nail art, J.Lo approval included.