Everyone, Please Raise A Glass To Jennifer Lopez’s Shimmery Champagne Nails

Clink, clink.

Jennifer Lopez bun with bangs hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez is used to going for the gold — with her albums, her self-owned brands, her film roles. She’s surely got cabinets stuffed with gleaming trophies and award show-issued statues, but she still has room for even more sparkle. At Dec.5’s ELLE 2023 Women in Hollywood Celebration, that longstanding love for precious metals was taken to the next level with a platinum breast plate top, diamond-dripping earrings, and luminous champagne gold nails Lopez wore to cap it all off. Receiving the event’s coveted Icon Award in Los Angeles that evening, Lopez’s head-to-toe look is a brilliant one, almost like an homage to her larger-than-life career and its various successes.

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik is in full agreement according to his Instagram post, sharing with his followers that he and Lopez went for an all-over chromatic look fitting for such a major celebration. “Long nails only when it comes to winning an Icon Award,” he posted with a close-up shot of her shimmery mani. Indeed, the soft-cornered square shape so often favored by Lopez is lengthy and elegant, with that extra nail real estate perfect for showing off the subtle sparkle infused into the star’s luminous polish color.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Though the nails photographed looking a bit bronzier on the red carpet, that detail shot posted by Bachik reveals that it’s actually a golden-toned nude with a brilliant iridescent finish that looks just as chromatic as her bold breast plate. Generously, Bachik also shares the exact color used: CND’s Frostbite. “The perfect accessories to her statement look,” he concluded the caption, beautifully summing up what all the fans in the comment section were thinking.


Lopez’s love affair with metallic nail polish is long documented. She’s teamed up with Bachik for looks with real gold leaf, all-over chrome, and every sparkling shade under the sun. She’s a Leo, after all, which means luxe materials and finishes are always appreciated.

Next to her stunning engagement ring from Ben Affleck and the platinum wedding band just beneath it, Lopez looks every bit the icon.