Everyone Has An Opinion On This Comfy Shoe, Which Jennifer Aniston Just Wore

She personally loves them.

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Jennifer Aniston at 'The Morning Show' press conference in 2019.
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Throughout Season 2 of The Morning Show, Jennifer Aniston (who plays famed television anchor Alex Levy) wore a variety of sleek two-piece suits, tailored coats, and pumps. Her character’s style delivered countless inspiration for your work outfits, like the time Levy wore a fitted gray skirt suit. However off-screen, Aniston’s personal taste in clothes is less serious though it’s equally as polished. Fans got a glimpse of this when Aniston wore flip-flops on The Morning Show set in a behind-the-scenes photo posted by co-star Reese Witherspoon. (In the TV series, Witherspoon plays a spunky journalist named Bradley Jackson, who is the complete opposite of the ever-so-resolute Levy.)

Though one would be hard pressed to find Levy in flip-flops, the footwear accurately describes Aniston’s own laid-back style. The actor prefers to stick with the classics — like her functional everyday crossbody bags and neutral-tone coats — instead of wearing flashy pieces. In the Instagram snap shared by Witherspoon, Aniston was likely in character as she wore a black wrap coat and a tan turtleneck sweater. The unexpected element in her outfit, of course, were her off-duty, flip-flop sandals, which peeked out from underneath her outerwear. Everyone has an opinion on this type of shoe — you either love it for its practicality or dislike it for its unflattering thong silhouette. However, Aniston proves that functionality always wins — plus, the flip-flops suit her unfussy personal style.

If you’re team flip-flops, you’ll have no trouble working the shoes into every vacation look or into your going-to-the-grocery-store ensembles. Should you feel ambivalent about the footwear, you might change your tune once you see all the new, stylish iterations of flip-flops on the market today. You can find a black spiked rubber pair from the likes of Christian Louboutin or a plushy quilted two-tone option from kkerelé. Aniston’s comfy shoe choice might just turn out to be your favorite, slip-on-and-go footwear.

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