Hailey Bieber Just Gave Her Viral Pearl Nails A Colorful Summer Upgrade

The shimmer is unreal.

hailey bieber pearl nails original

Hailey Bieber’s obsession with pearlescent nail polish launched a full-scale manicure revolution. Sure, chromatic manicures of all sorts were already trending, but her delicately pared-down take on the finish is like the nail equivalent to a vintage tennis bracelet: shiny, expensive, and appropriately restrained enough for all social situations. As is often the case, though, by the time the world caught wind of her signature shimmering ivory manicures, she was already moving on to the trend’s latest, great iteration: summer-perfect pastels and neons. Hailey Bieber’s lavender pearl nails, glimpsed in her Instagram Stories in between shots of her favorite recipes, feature that same gossamer-light glamour of the original manicure but with the mood-boosting fun of a cheerful, seasonal polish shade.

Bieber’s been loving pearls nails since way back in early May; she’s rarely deviated from it since — save for a few bare-nail breaks for modeling jobs and the occasional dalliance with brights like her recent spicy red, she’s stayed true to the trend she made famous. Bieber was spotted with nude-pink pearl nails on a tropical vacation with her husband, in soft lemon-yellow pearl nails earlier this July, and the original off-white in nearly every Rhode Skin promotion she’s done so far — though this new lavender look might be her best yet.


Back when interest in pearl nails first took off around the time of Bieber’s Met Gala appearance, her manicurist shared the secret to the chromatic look. Celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt — who counts Sydney Sweeney, Vanessa Hudgens, and Maude Apatow among her it-girl client roster — revealed that she uses OPI Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can, a pearlescent pigment rubbed into the nails, to lend that pearlescent finish. Though OPI Chrome Effects is a professional-only product, plenty of ranges make chrome flakes, powders, and pigments to achieve the same results.

It’s clear from Bieber’s past manicures alone that the viral pearl nail trend can work with any color — and therefore, don’t expect it to go anywhere soon. Get ahead of the curve by playing around with baby blues, spring greens, tangy orange tones, or any other shade you’d associate with a pool day. Considering Bieber’s already declared this the summer of neon and chrome, it’s only a matter of time before she experiments with the entire rainbow.