Hailey Bieber Said Goodbye To Glazed Lips In Favor Of An Edgier Look

Her latest lip obsession?


If you stop to think about Hailey Bieber’s aesthetic, it’s easy to automatically categorize her as purely a summer girl. She’s all about the chilled-out California glamour, from her skin-care-as-outer-wear beauty approach to her uniform of bucket hats and bikinis. She just seems to really thrive from May to September, too. But as a November-born baby, she’s never been afraid to embrace her edgier, fall-friendly side — its appearances are just rarer. To celebrate the first week of October, Bieber uploaded a series of photos that truly capture her autumnal energy. Hailey Bieber’s dark fall lipstick, a deep shade of oxblood, is a complete 180-degree about-face from her bright and airy summer makeup — and that’s what makes it one of her coolest looks to date.

Like bestie and fellow Scorpio Kendall Jenner, the official arrival of autumn signaled a sharp turn into the rich, moody color palettes that define the season. Almost immediately, she traded in her signature chrome nails for a glossy, all-over obsidian that’s both simple and sophisticated. In the new photos uploaded to her Instagram, Bieber goes for the always-reliable photodump, posing in a neon-peach peach evening gown and classic white tank. All the usual Bieber beauty staples are there, including fluffy, laminated brows and glazed donut skin. From there, though, things get fun.


Bieber paired a creamy, richly-pigmented dark red lipstick with a wash of shimmery sienna-brown eyeshadow from lashes to brows, expertly applied by celebrity makeup artist Leah Darcy. Look closer and you’ll notice Darcy rimmed Bieber’s eyes with a slightly deeper shade of brown, blown out into faint wings for an elongated effect and topped with subtle mascara. It’s at once completely striking and utterly wearable — equally suited for corporate life, a date night, or any upscale event.

In fact, this makeup — and the lips in particular — is somewhat similar to a look Bieber just wore on-stage at the Forbes 30 Under 30 keynote address. Outfitted in her glammed-up take on workwear and a strand-accented bun, Bieber spoke candidly about founding her Rhode skin care line. At the event her lips were once again the standout beauty feature, but shellacked in a dark rose gloss rather than an opaque lipstick.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The key to Hailey Bieber’s fall makeup look is to allow the lips most of the attention with a bold, autumn-toned lip product while the eyes get a softer touch. If you go for a creamy finish like she did, be sure to line your lips with a clear or matching pencil to mitigate the possibility of product migration. Instant October energy.