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I’m A Lipstick Devotee & These Are The Only Colors I’m Wearing For Fall

New season, new shades.

selfie of a woman wearing lipstick

No matter the season, swiping on lipstick in the morning is 100% part of my daily routine. Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, complete skin care, get dressed, drink coffee, and choose lipstick — obviously. It’s the ultimate routine finisher, completing any daily look whether I’m running off to the gym, a meeting, or a breakfast. It’s an essential step in signaling that I’m ready to take on the day and makes me feel just a tad more put together. And though the lipstick is a must, what’s ever-evolving is the shade of those lipsticks I wear every day. Of course, I have my classic lipstick colors, those tried and true hues that are like second skin to me, but I also love to embrace a new season with a refreshed color palette to spice things up in the beauty department. Especially since living in LA, we don’t get those wonderful crisp fall temperatures and the dreamy colorful foliage outside, I take it upon myself to bring fall into my life in other ways. And the best fall lipstick colors are simply another reason why fall is my favorite season — particularly, the three shades I’m keeping on rotation right now.

While most lipstick colors are seasonless, and you can actually wear any color any time of year, come fall, I tend to make the switch from the softer pinks and corals to a moodier color palette. Think rich shades that embody the spirit of the season, such as warm berries, toasty browns, and deeper reds. I also prefer a hydrating formula this time of year, as the weather cools and my skin needs a little more help staying hydrated — lips included. Avoiding a cracked or chapped pout is much easier when wearing a creamy, hydrating formula vs. a matte finish that drys my lips out quickly.

Whether you live in LA, New York, or anywhere else in the world, switching up your lipstick palette is an easy and impactful way to keep things fresh for the season. Ahead, see my curated three-shade selection that will work for any and every fall occasion.

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Soft Mauve

A soft mauve is the perfect entry step shade into my essential fall color palette. Though it does emulate the coziness of the season, it’s a baby step toward its bolder colored comrades. A mid-toned mauve is also a fantastic choice for a casual daytime look. Because it’s closer to a natural lip color, less re-application is needed, making it easy for everyday, long-lasting wear, and little fuss.

Deep Raspberry

Of course, when you think of fall you always think of warm berry shades and deep plum hues. Well, there’s a reason we keep coming back to this color family season after season. It’s a stunning and classic autumn lip look that works well on every skin tone. It simply wouldn’t be fall without a touch of berry on your lips (or imprinted on your coffee cups).

Vampy Red

An edgier fall spin on the classic red lip, I absolutely adore a vampy red. This rich, bold hue is anything but boring and adds the perfect balance of seductive and cool-girl energy to your look. Wear it during the day for a dramatic finish to your look, or play it up for a night out on the town. Either way, it will certainly offer up a much-welcome change from your light and shimmery summer lipstick shades.