Consider This Proof That Gabrielle Union Is The Queen Of Chic Protective Hairstyles

From box braids to spring twists.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 06: Gabrielle Union is seen on October 06, 2022 in New York City. (Phot...

Gabrielle Union has been a beauty icon from the instant she found teen stardom in the ‘90s, but there’s one particular area in which she really shines — glamorous hairstyles. It’s hard to keep up with the star’s never-ending parade of chic looks, which, more often than not, include some variation on a classic protective style. The actor and entrepreneur seems to be particularly fond of classics like cornrows and box braids, but always finds a new way to put her own unique spin on them. Gabrielle Union’s protective hairstyles are not only a testament to her timeless sense of style, but serve as a constant source of inspiration.

Protective hairstyles are both an age-old method for shielding natural hair from damage and an ideal, wearable conduit for self-expression. “The importance and significance of protective styles can be dated far back to our ancestors,” Naeemah Lafond, celebrity and editorial hairstylist, told TZR. “The braids, twists, weaves, and wigs we wear hold as much cultural, social, and personal significance now as they did then. It’s more than a hairstyle, it’s a statement, one that says that we are free to express ourselves, embrace our culture, and wear our crowns as we see fit.”

Union has never shied away from an opportunity to express herself with an array of creative protective hairstyles, whether she’s strolling the beach or posing on the red carpet. Ahead, get a look at some of her best looks — so far — and get ready to soak up the inspiration.

Bantu Knots

Simple, chic, and easy on hair, Bantu Knots are a forever celebrity favorite for a reason. Union’s version features three loosely-coiled large knots concentrated across the front of her head — all the better for sleeping comfortably — perched above perfectly-arched brows.

Fulani Braids

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Look closer at Gabrielle Union’s glossy Fulani braids — do you see what she’s woven into the trademark front pieces? That’s a tiny leather cord wrapped around them that add so much extra shine, dimension, and texture. Even a simple hair accessory can make this major of an impact when incorporated so seamlessly.

Extra-Long Feed-In Braids

Union had no choice but to bring her A-game while in Milan for Fashion Week, and her extra-long feed-in braids certainly delivered. The two jumbo pigtail braids — made from combining several individual straight-back braids — fell to the star’s mid-thigh, successfully amping up the drama of her midriff-baring ensemble.

Classic Box Braids

Leave it to Gabrielle Union to make simple box braids look like something completely new. These vacation photos are further proof that you can never go wrong with this classic protective style — so ethereal and elegant.

Spring Twists

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Union has worn her new spring twists so many ways already but these half-up space buns are such a playful variation on the flowing protective style. Just a day later, she transformed them again with a sporty ponytail to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.

Box Braids Wrapped Ponytail

For a chic twist on box braids, Union stunned in this ponytail style while shooting the cover of Scary Mommy. The wrapped-around ponytail is so long and flowing, it takes a second to realize there’s actually a free-hanging row of braids flowing down her back just beneath the pony.

Box Braid Bun Hybrid

When it comes to dramatic ponytails, Union’s sky-high braided pony in Paris is undoubtedly one of the best the world has ever seen. The style was secured at the top of her head and wrapped with hair-tie-concealing bits of braid for a combo ponytail-bun effect that’s ultra-chic.

Jumbo Braids

These jumbo braids are not only so pretty and feminine, but they can easily be taken from casual to glam — or, in the case of these enviable private jet selfies, both. Crucially, her strong, healthy edges are so artfully swooped that they add an entirely new dimension to the classic look.