Gabrielle Union’s Curly Spring Twists Can Be Worn *So* Many Different Ways

Spring into fall.

Gabrielle Union braids with large wood beads

Gabrielle Union might be having the best fall ever — and her fun-filled Instagram is testament. All autumn long, an ever-smiling Union has been back and forth between New York City and Los Angeles, spending quality time with her family, and oh so casually debuting the chicest hair, makeup, and outfits of the season. For Union, beauty experimentation is as much a civic duty as a passion — her hordes of adoring fans stay locked on her social media feeds to see the latest and greatest looks she’s working with. It just so happens that Union’s newest hairstyle is also one of her all-time coolest. Gabrielle Union’s spring twists are the bouncy, beautiful, protective style of the season, guaranteed to put serious pep in anyone’s step. And though she’s only had the twists for a week, she’s already proving how many different aesthetics and situations they suit.

Union unveiled her spring twists in a quickie Instagram video posted to her grid. In the opening shot, the actor-mogul-mother is swaddled in a luxe bathrobe early in the morning. A few TikTok-level transitions later and she’s ready to go — complete with a goblet-green blazer and her glossy twists pulled up into a cascading half-pony. The whimsical look does double duty, both lending an ethereal, fairylike feel while protecting delicate natural hair from damage and breakage.


The curly, coiled style is a total 180 from the straightened layers and bangs Union wore in another Instagram video earlier in the week. While both looks are phenomenal, the spring twists are just next-level perfection — and highly versatile. On a night out with her husband, Dwyane Wade, Union wore her spring twists long and free-flowing with two puffs — some might call them space buns — perched right at the top for an extra infusion of fun.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

The twists can be sporty, too — Union did another half-up look, this time without the face-accenting pieces at the Dodgers game on Oct. 3. The best part, though, is how easy it actually is to do spring twists at home. The twists can be done on your own natural hair or using pre-curled braiding hair for added length and texture — the curls are crucial, as that’s how you get that bounce-back, springy effect for which the style is named. After separating the braiding hair, attach each piece one at a time by braiding the roots to secure them, and then doing a loose-ish, classic two-strand twist the rest of the way down. They’re surprisingly low-maintenance, but be sure to sleep with a silk or satin cap or pillowcase to minimize frizz and breakage. The Union-approved look is guaranteed to turn heads.