Brunettes Can Now Shift Shades Without Bleaching Their Hair

Rainbow-inspired trends have certainly had their moment this year. Between a viral rainbow highlighter, rainbow eyelashes, and of course rainbow hair—vibrance has reigned in 2016. If you’re a fan of bold, bright hair color hues then we have some great news for you.

For those of us who desire strands of blue, pink, or purple hair but don’t want to bleach their mane, fear no more. Splat has made a name for themselves as a brand consisting of the most daring hair color available, but their latest launch is groundbreaking. The Midnight Collection makes it possible for brunettes to dye their hair rainbow tones while keeping their natural hair healthy sans bleach. According to PopSugar , micropigments in the formula transfer the color into the follicle to make it visible. Above all else, it’s also filled conditioners to prevent dryness and damage.

At the moment there are only three colors available—indigo, ruby, and amethyst and the collection is being sold exclusively at Target.