Florence Pugh Just Jumped On The ‘Brunette Boom’ Bandwagon

Her new color is so fresh.

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images
Florence Pugh blonde to brunette hair

Like all the most stylish celebrities, Florence Pugh has beauty experimentation down to a science. Regardless of if she’s getting in on a white-hot trend or forging her own (or reviewing celeb makeup lines with the unabashed giddiness of a civilian fan), Pugh approaches it all with a relaxed irreverence — and that only inspires others to play around with their looks, too. Pugh’s latest transformation? An utterly aesthetic-altering hair color switch-up that happens to be this winter’s most sought-after shade. Florence Pugh’s brunette hair, following the great 2022 Brunette Boom, is a rich chocolate shade that emphasizes her features — especially with the close-cropped pixie-mullet hybrid cut she adopted just last month.

The Little Women star debuted the deep shade on her Instagram Story, in which she teased a new, upcoming episode of her fan-favorite YouTube series, Cooking With Flo. Her haircut — the same choppy, rocker-chic style that made headlines late last year — was transformed from bright platinum blonde to a dimensional brunette. While Pugh is typically thought of as a blonde, this isn’t nearly the actor’s first go-round with brown. A warm blonde might be her hair color trademark, but Pugh’s gone brunette as recently as August 2021, when she traded her purple-tipped platinum for a natural-looking golden brown. By winter, though, she had switched them around again.


With fine layers of hair fanning out from behind her ears, Pugh’s look instantly gets even edgier and more vintage-tinged — of course, her adorable septum hoop and glamorously mussed front layers help, too.

Pugh’s newest color comes amid something of a brunette revolution. For the past several months, the industry’s top colorists and experts have been asked to discuss the allure of “luxurious/expensive brunette”, a color trend marked by rich dimension, graceful movement, and plenty of shine. The so-dubbed Brunette Boom seems to be capturing the affection of more than a few blonde stars, including Billie Eilish, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber.

Knowing Pugh and her affinity for lightening-fast hair makeovers, though, it’s safe to say this lush new color probably won’t be sticking around for too much longer, even though it’s just arrived. With her track record, it wouldn’t be especially shocking to find out Pugh’s gone for a bold crimson between now and dinnertime.