Yara Shahidi Is *Obviously* On Board With The Inner Corner Eyeliner Trend

Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images
Yara Shahidi just tried her hand at inner corner eyeliner and nailed it, obviously

The cat-eye has reigned for decades, but there are now suddenly all sorts of new takes: reverse wings, cut-crease, layered liner, and negative space. The latest trend to hijack makeup tutorials is what's being called a fox eye (your everyday wing, but slightly more upturned and elongated). Yara Shahidi's demonstration of inner corner eyeliner is showing us all how this budding beauty obsession is done.

When it comes to new eyeliner tricks, Shahidi is typically the first in line to try them. The 20-year-old catches every curveball the makeup world throws in her direction, and with the kind of infectious confidence that inspires everyone else to follow her lead. Take the unicorn look she debuted on Instagram last fall, for instance — here we are, six months later, waist-deep in the rainbow lid trend.

She has already mastered colorful liner, the cut-crease cat-eye, and floating lines. And it hasn't always been at the hand of her makeup artist, Emily Cheng, either. In a video she made for Vogue in 2019, she can be seen drawing outside the lines with a red pencil. Now, she's using those lids as an art canvas again in a recent selfie showcasing DIY inner corner liner.

Using a liner by Bobbi Brown, for which she's a brand ambassador, the actor created perhaps the most covetable cat-eye to date. It begins in the middle of her waterline and juts sharply inward to the corners of her eyes, then reverses along the top lash line and extends out toward her temples. There's not an ounce of doubt that the fearless experimenter drew it herself.

"The amount of times I've posted me drawing on my face on Instagram," Shahidi says in the Vogue video, "and I know half the people are like 'oh, Yara's doing her thing' and then other people are like 'what in the world is happening?'"

By the end of the day, she says she usually ends up with flowers and hearts drawn on her face. Aside from the trend-forward liner, her latest selfie appears to be makeup-free. Her skin is glowing and her curls are at full volume, even exhibiting a little blonde streak underneath.