This Eyeshadow Color Is Perfect For In-Between Seasons — Just Ask Dua Lipa

And it looks good on *everyone*.

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It’s a weird time of year, seasonally speaking. On one hand, there’s the very real fact that it’s still absolutely boiling outside — it’s the final weeks before Labor Day, and the White Claws and Aperol Spritzes are still flowing freely. But on the other hand, change is afoot. Stores are rolling out the plaid-pattered goods, PSLs are back at Starbucks, and Spirit Halloweens start to take over abandoned endcaps in every shopping center in America. If you take your beauty cues from nature, it’s an equally confusing time — but not for Dua Lipa. Her green eyeshadow, debuted yesterday in a photo dump (also featuring a fluorescent green cow print mini dress), is perfectly matched to her outfit and straddles the invisible line between the end of summer, and the start of fall.

The actual eyeshadow — powdery, matte, and not entirely opaque — is the only pop of color in Lipa’s beauty look. Even her nails, usually done in some eye-popping kaleidoscope of nail art and swirling colors, are polished in long, square-shaped French tips — her most subdued set in ages. The overall effect lives somewhere between the summery neons seen all season (this green isn’t quite that bright), and the deeper brown-tinged greens waiting just around the corner.


But while Lipa might still flirt with the final days of summer, burgeoning beauty icon Olivia Rodrigo is charging straight into September with her own green eyeshadow — albeit a very, very different shade. To promote and celebrate the release of her Sour album on vinyl late last week, Rodrigo uploaded a bedroom pic of her wearing some extremely complementary pea-green eyeshadow, which is set to become the buzziest nail and makeup shade of autumn 2021.

These two hues of green alone prove how versatile the color is, with a shade to flatter every possible complexion and undertone. For quick reference, if you have warmer skin then you’ll probably gravitate towards a green with more brown and gold in it. For cooler tones, take a chance on a more blue-infused green like emerald. But no matter which shade you go for, as is the case with all major shadow looks, proper lid prep is key. Before touching down with any color, baste your eyelids with a quality eyeshadow primer, give it a few minutes to dry, then sweep on some translucent setting powder to lock it into place. Depending on how bright you want your eyeshadow, you can make the color sing even more by brushing on some matte white shadow first, then layering on the green — the stark white canvas lets the color really pop.

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