Dua Lipa’s Updo Is The ‘90s Supermodel Way To Do Night-Out Hair

C’est chic.

Dua Lipa hair half back

There are few things Dua Lipa loves more than an aesthetic throwback — she even built an entire studio album and world tour around the concept. But while her music is largely centered on the bombastic beats of the disco era (for now, anyway), her beauty and fashion penchants are just a bit closer to modernity. All summer and fall, Lipa’s been teasing looks equally suited for a legendary supermodel as a pop princess, and her latest might be the most overt. Dua Lipa’s bun with bangs, paired with a vintage Versace gown, is straight out of the supermodel playbook in the best way. Created for George and Amal Clooney’s high-profile charity gala, the high-swept, loosely-wrapped bun is reminiscent of styles seen on ‘90s-era supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington — albeit with a modern twist in the form of piecey side-bangs.

As it happens, Lipa’s leading the charge in the Great Side-Bang Revolution of 2022. She was an early adopter to the throwback trend, debuting the razor-cut bangs at a special event celebrating the Yves Saint Laurent Libre perfume, of which she’s the face. Fellow stars like Rihanna, Lori Harvey, and Kourtney Kardashian have all put their distinct spins on the trend, but Lipa’s bun-and-bangs style is one of the best.

Lipa’s ongoing relationship with Versace — both the brand and Donatella herself — naturally helps drive the retro supermodel comparisons home, too — especially when she’s wearing such an instantly-recognizable signature dress. While the bun is well-secured, it’s noticeably looser than the slicked buns so popular among the celebrity set right now. Lipa’s look, created by celebrity hairstylist Lucas Wilson, features the bangs sitting in stark contrast to the rest of the bun, which is a distinctly ‘90s signature — the more blended look is contemporary. However, by applying product to the bangs for an edgier, gelled effect, they get a trendy twist. It’s similar to the sultry updo she wore to the Yves Saint Laurent fragrance event.

With the side-bangs resurgence in full force, it might be time to try them out. If you already have bangs, growing them out and tapering them for a side-angled fit is a breeze, especially with long fringe styles like curtain bangs. If you’re starting fresh, the best thing to do is bring in a photo — fortunately, Lipa has tons to pick from.