Dua Lipa's Shimmery Summer Eyeshadow Is Bronzed & Beautiful

Bronze age babe.

Dua Lipa makeup posing

Based on her jet-setting photo dumps full of designer outfits, wild nights out, and endless shots of white sand beaches, you’d barely know that Dua Lipa is holding down approximately six full-time jobs right now. There’s her global tour (attended by nearly one million fans so far), her breakthrough podcast, the high-dollar endorsement campaigns, and the new music she’s already hard at work on. If just reading all that makes you feel ready for a nap, you’re not alone — though Lipa manages to push through it while serving off-the-cuff beauty moments worth recreating at home. Dua Lipa’s bronze eyeshadow, glimpsed in an exciting behind-the-scenes photo set of what the star gets into on her days off, is summery, shimmery, and versatile enough to transition from pool party to night out with ease — and Lipa’s low-key way of wearing the warm tone infuses it with even more relaxed glamour.

In the photo dump, cryptically (though perhaps very literally) captioned “in the whip on a tuesday night…”, Dua Lipa’s 84-million-plus Instagram followers see the Future Nostalgia star both backstage and on set of what appears to be a music video featuring a flipped-over car — presumably the whip in question. In one shot from her dressing room, Lipa is in a summer-perfect tie-front blouse (complete with an Italian-looking floral print), her hair loose and wavy with a wash of glimmering bronze eyeshadow visible across her lids.


The gilded moment works well with her patterned blouse and skirt set, tying together bronze elements in both. Of course, the casual way the eyeshadow is applied (it appears to be all one shade blended out rather than a full-fledged, multi-shadow concept) adds another layer to the casually chic vibe. Take that surely expensive blouse for example — no exposed midriff would look much primmer, but the irreverence of the tie-up suddenly makes it beach-appropriate.

But because Lipa is a certified pop princess at this point, the bronze eyeshadow is only the tip of her weekly beauty iceberg. In yet another photo dump, posted just hours later, Lipa’s wearing a snow-white eyeshadow that sets off her deep brown eyes — white eyeshadow might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “summer beauty” but Lipa’s look might just change that forever. Once again, the standout color appears to be the only one on her lids, which makes even a bold shade like all-over white seem utterly unfussy. Lipa’s looks are, once again, both trendy and timeless.