This Throwback Of Drew Barrymore & Jessica Alba Is Peak ‘90s Glam

The longtime pals have known each other since the early aughts.

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CULVER CITY, CA - NOVEMBER 09:  Baby2Baby board member Jessica Alba (L) and honoree Drew Barrymore a...

The 1990s gave way to myriad iconic fashion and beauty trends — from grungy mom jeans and cargo pants, to glossy lips and claw hair clips. During this time, your favorite celebrities were sporting boldly outlined lips, thin brows, and pastel eye shadow; just look at old photos of stars like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba from the ‘90s if you need a refresh. In fact, just this week, the Charlie's Angels actor posted a priceless throwback photo featuring herself and Alba on the set of Never Been Kissed in 1999, and fans can’t get enough of the nostalgia.

Late on the evening of Thursday, May 6, Barrymore shared the aforementioned photo on her grid in honor of Alba appearing on her talk show the following day. In the caption, Barrymore congratulates Alba on her success with The Honest Company before bringing up the iconic throwback moment. “I am in awe of her and what she has built,” writes Barrymore. “This is us on the set of Never Been Kissed 22 years ago! And guess what??? She joins me in the kitchen on @thedrewbarrymoreshow tomorrow!! Tune in to see what we’re cooking up!”

As you can see, the duo is basically a walking ‘90s beauty trend in this picture. Just look at Alba with her glossy dark lips, and Barrymore’s perfectly swooped side bangs. Oh, and of course both of them are rocking thin eyebrows. It was the ultimate trend at the time, after all.

Naturally, fans are in a frenzy over the throwback photo, leaving comments like: “Has there ever been a better movie than Never Been Kissed☺️,” “Just watched Never been kissed yesterday! Classic beauties ❤️,” and “THAT IS SO TOTALLY RUFUSSSSSS!!!!! 🔥😍👏🙌❤️”

In recent years, countless ‘90s beauty trends have made a comeback — including but not limited to glossy lips, barrettes, butterfly clips, and the shag haircut. That being said, one trend that’s been left in the past (and rightfully so) is pencil-thin eyebrows. Nowadays, when it comes to brows, it's all about the bushier, the better.

Needless to say, it’s lovely to see women supporting women, and that the two have remained friends even after all of these years. While they’ve definitely come a long way, it’s safe to say they’re still ‘90s babes at heart.