Demi Lovato’s Latest Manicure Features A Seriously Risqué Detail

It suits their new vibe perfectly.

Demi Lovato selfie

When Demi Lovato posted a throwback photo of their Camp Rock days, the fan reaction was strong. “I love Rockvato,” one commenter wrote. “I MISS THIS ERA,” said another. The photo, which shows Lovato scream-singing into a microphone with black nails and heavy black eyeliner, could easily be mistaken for a snapshot of the singer today, especially considering their new rock-and-roll vibe. The caption, “15 & it wasn’t a phase”, rings especially true after their latest manicure was unveiled. Lovato shared a photo earlier this week that partially shows their new manicure featuring a nail piercing, but a post from nail artist Natalie Minerva offers an up-close look.

Minerva, who is also the mastermind behind the unforgettable nail looks on HBO’s hit show Euphoria, shared a video showing off Lovato’s long, square-shaped black nails with silver barbels on a few of their fingers, meant to mimic the look of nipple piercings. “I walked in and D said ‘I want LONG and PIERCED’”, the artist said in the caption. “I said ‘SAY LESS.’ Nipple pierced nails by moi.” She created a similar look for Lovato in December of 2021, but the nails were shorter and oval-shaped with silver septum rings “pierced” through them.

Nail piercing is nothing new, but it’s been popping up more and more as nail art trends continue to intensify. Fellow Disney alum, Selena Gomez tried her hand at a variation of the trend with a gorgeous red mani with gold hoop charms back in November, courtesy of celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik.

The solid black manicure has also come back stronger than ever, with celebrities like Adele and Hailey Bieber opting for the classic look. Kourtney Kardashian even went with simple, all-black nails for her recent engagement to Travis Barker.

There’s no denying that black nails are chic, timeless, universally flattering — but they’re also a fixture of rock-and-roll style. On Jan. 1st of this year, shortly after debuting a fresh buzz cut, Lovato wiped their entire Instagram and began sharing photos that clearly indicate a brand new music era for the star. One photo, showing them putting up their middle fingers surrounded by a group of people wearing all black, declares: “A funeral for my pop music.”

Surely, fans are in for a lot more bold rock-inspired looks from Lovato this year.