Kourtney Kardashian Chose Winter’s Trendiest Nail Color For Her Engagement Manicure

Timeless and chic.

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There was a time when black nail polish was largely associated with the Fall Out Boy era of punk culture, but over the years the shade has come to be appreciated for its timelessness. After all, all-black clothing is considered chic and universally flattering, so why shouldn't black nails? As we head into winter, the look seems to be more popular than ever, with celebrities like Adele and Hailey Bieber getting in on the trend.

Perhaps most notably, Kourtney Kardashian opted for black nail polish for her recent engagement to Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, which perfectly suited the couple’s edgy vibe. In photos of the rose-studded celebration making the rounds on Instagram, you get a peek at Kourtney’s medium-length almond shaped mani in a classic black shade. It’s a simple yet glamorous look that lets her ring — a large oval-cut diamond set on a thin pavé diamond-encrusted band — be the center of attention. Kourtney’s nail artist, Kim Truong, revealed in her own post that she used the shade Jet Black from The GelBottle Inc.

Hailey Bieber gave black nails a spin in a recent Instagram post, which she’s paired with a bright red puffer jacket, jeans, and a sleek hairstyle. Because the 24-year-old typically goes for more subtle nail colors, the look appeared even more bold and daring. It wouldn’t be surprising if this post alone ignites a wave of black manicures this season.

One is a preference, two is a coincidence, but three buzzy celebrities rocking the same nail color definitely makes it a trend. Adele has been wearing variations of the black manicure trend while promoting her upcoming album, 30. From her signature cat-eye, to her clothing, the singer has long opted for classic, simply glamorous styles, so it’s not exactly shocking to see her with a black mani. In her recent Instagram live (her first which immediately became an undeniably hilarious viral moment), she showed off her black almond shaped mani, simple black top, and seemingly no makeup.

Instagram Live/@Adele

Stars like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez have also been known to rely on black nails in various lengths to complement a variety of looks, from the red carpet to editorial spreads.

Though there’s certainly nothing groundbreaking about solid black nails, it’s often overlooked as a go-to shade for fall and winter manicures (though there’s obviously no rule saying you can’t also wear black nail polish in the spring or summer), and this Celebrity endorsement is just what the moody nail color needs to take over Instagram feeds, and nails salons this winter.

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