Dakota Johnson’s ‘Deconstructed’ French Manicure Is The Sleekest Way To Do Tips

World-class claws.

Danny Martindale/WireImage/Getty Images
Dakota Johnson red lipstick

How could you not loom forward to Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web press tour from the moment she inked the Marvel contracts? Regardless of how you feel about the superhero genre in general, there’s no denying that the leading lady would turn the lead-up to the film into a multi-week extravaganza of incredible fashion, makeup moments, and hairstyles. Manicures can officially be added to that list, too. Johnson’s nails at Madame Web photocall aren’t French tips in any traditional sense, but rather a remixed take on gradient color technique to create something totally original — and completely chic. In fact, you could call them “deconstructed” French tips. All the essential elements are there, tweaked and blended together for a softer, more effortless feel.

The nails were first spotted on Johnson as she made her Saturday Night Live debut on Jan. 27, alongside musical guest Justin Timberlake. Her hilarious sketches and constant costume changes made it difficult to fully focus on the nails (understandably), so the cast-wide Madame Web event provided the perfect opportunity to look at them up-close. Johnson’s nails are in her usual long almond shape — she’s not on the short-and-natural wave nor participating in the square-tipped trend — and coated in an especially glossy finish.

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

The main draw is the color combination, a cream-and-pink blend that starts starker at the ends and fades into the base color through the lengths of her nails. It’s a classic French manicure without the sharply defined tips, using a gentler color palette to make the entire look softer. It’s very much on-brand for Johnson, who prefers more low-key nail colors in general: nudes, pinks, and glossy black polishes in particular.

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Johnson’s sleek manicure is yet another offshoot of the French manicure trend that’s been going strong since at least 2020. If you’re tired of the bright white tips, though, her alternative take is worth considering. They key is to use a cream shade instead, which helps blend more seamlessly with the base color — think a natural-looking flow.

As the Madame Web press tour continues, expect even more from excitement from its star.