Dakota Johnson Proves Straight-Across Bangs Are More Versatile Than You’d Think

Is there any way she can’t style them?

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Dakota Johnson with long bangs and shimmer eyeshadow at the UK Premiere of 'Suspiria' & Headline...

What’s in a signature look? For Dakota Johnson, it’s about one thing: those bangs. But over the years, the star's proven that even trademark features can be remixed and styled into more variations than anyone realized. Here, explore Dakota Johnson’s best hairstyles — and hair colors — of all time.

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Dakota Johnson without bangs is a rarer sighting than the Loch Ness monster, and probably just as thrilling. For a Fifty Shades premiere in 2017, the star pulled the bangs fully off her forehead, incorporating them into a loose, swept-back bun complete with romantic tendrils around the face.Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images