The Secret To Courteney Cox’s Turkey Burger Adds So Much Flavor

Your new summer BBQ staple.

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Courteney Cox turkey burger

One trend that hopefully won’t go away post-pandemic is celebrities sharing more domestic moments. It’s been relatable — yet still aspirational — to see the way stars like Reese Witherspoon or Bella Hadid work out from home, decorate their offices spaces, and even prepare their favorite dishes. For those who are stuck in a cooking rut (the product of making meals at home more than ever over the past year), the latter of these has been a godsend, and one of the latest examples has arrived just in time to inspire summer entertaining, or simply dinner for one: Courteney Cox’s turkey burger recipe.

The Friends star has been consistently offering up fun and useful content via her Instagram feed — think Monica Geller-approved kitchen organization tips, styling ideas, and meal inspo including a delicious and simple lemon pasta and chicken parmesan. Over the weekend Cox blessed her fans (and the culinarily stumped) with her take on a quintessentially summer dish: The turkey burger.

Cox, who credited LA-based private chef Jen O’Toole for the recipe in her video, attributes her flavor-packed version with a few unique additions. For one, she starts by blistering some poblano peppers on the grill (but you can do so over your stovetop or in the oven), which will give the final product a little smokey spice. If you try this method, be sure to remove all the blackened skin and seeds (the actor places them directly from the heat into a sealed plastic bag to make this process easier).

While you’re letting your peppers sweat, dice and sauté an onion until translucent, then add to a bowl with ground turkey, two eggs, your chopped roasted peppers (after skins and seeds have been removed), cumin, and salt, and combine with your hands. Cox recommends always grilling off a test burger to see if you need to adjust your seasoning. Once you’ve achieved your desired flavor, top with sharp cheddar and/or your favorite condiments and enjoy.

While this makes a delicious meal for one (you can freeze the extra patties from your batch and save for later), this turkey burger is also a crowd-pleasing option for any safe summer dinner parties you may be planning for the not-so-distant future. Just pair with a glass of rosé and invite your good friend Laura Dern over to join — actually, that part of Cox’s seasonal dining idea is not as relatable.

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