Courteney Cox's Kitchen Organization Skills Would Make Monica Geller Proud

Could she *be* any more organized?

Courteney Cox / Instagram

It’s always tempting to believe that your favorite movie and TV characters are just like the people that play them, but unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Much to the surprise of Friends fans, though, it seems that may actually be true when it comes to Courteney Cox — at least in terms of her kitchen storage. Because as she recently proved in a now-viral Instagram Reel, Monica Geller and the actual actor’s organizational prowess are one and the same.

“Tell me you’re a Monica without telling me you’re a Monica; I’ll go first,” she says in the video before showing a series of short clips just long enough to prove the true extent of her inner neat freak. Starting with a hyper-organized drawer and ending with a pantry that would put The Home Edit to shame, the star quickly demonstrates just how similar she is to the obsessively clean chef she played for years.

While her joke is a satisfying one for Friends fans, to say the least, it’s also hard not to notice just how genius some of Cox’s storage tricks actually are. In fact, they’re all very much worth taking notes from — and maybe even outright copying, especially if you take a Monica Geller-level approach to housekeeping. Which is why ahead, TZR has laid out three Cox-approved ways to do just that.

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Courteney Cox’s Kitchen: Perfectly-Placed Utensils

The first storage idea Cox shows in her video is arguably the most awe-inspiring. The actor opens up a drawer to reveal what looks to be a custom-made utensil organizer (ah, to be a celebrity), with every single tool in its own distinct place. While that could get pretty pricey to replicate at home, there are plenty of affordable alternatives that will give you a similar result. All you need is a drawer tray with multiple sections; then, you can place each item in it by category to make everything easy to find.

Courteney Cox’s Kitchen: Ultra-Tidy Spice Storage

You may have thought your spices were neat and tidy, but honestly, it’s hard to hold a candle to Cox’s own setup. The 56-year-old has placed every herb, salt, and spice in a matching container in her own kitchen, even going so far as to label each one individually. Follow her lead by emptying your own into coordinated jars, and then use a label maker or a marker to help you identify the contents of each.

Courteney Cox’s Kitchen: Plenty Of Pantry Bins

Leave all your food in its original packaging? Cox (and Geller) would never. Instead, the actor uses glass jars and containers to store her ingredients; it creates a cohesive appearance in the pantry, while also making it easy to spot exactly what you need for each recipe. To try the approach at home, all you need are matching storage pieces to make sure the effect is coordinated — and of course, some labels, lest you forget what anything is.