The Easy-To-Use Kitchen Tool Courteney Cox Never Cooks Without

Home chefs, take note.

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Out of all the celebrity cooking series on Instagram, Courteney Cox’s is arguably one of the most fun to watch. Not only is she relatable (she, too, barely knows how to cut a vegetable), her kitchen is also serious goals. Yet between those silly jokes and cabinet porn, there’s something else that’s hard to look away from: Cox’s kitchen tools. As you’d expect given the nature of her videos, they perfectly toe the line between aesthetically pleasing and easy to use — a win-win in the book of any home cook.

Fortunately, she’s not shy about showing them off. And while the Friends actor doesn’t always reveal the source, she does provide frequent close-ups (and sometimes even one-off videos) of the products she loves and uses the most. Sure, they’re nothing groundbreaking — as Cox admits herself, she’s no Monica Geller in real life. But if you’re looking to curate your own set of kitchen tools into a simple and beautiful collection, there are few better places to get inspired. Ahead, a list of her most beloved, plus similar products to help you follow her lead.

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All-Clad Pans

Though it’s rare that a brand name makes it into Cox’s videos, All-Clad’s stainless steel pots and pans show up time and time again. She uses the cult-favorite company’s products to make everything from cacio e pepe to chicken parmesan, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re sleek, they look great after years of use, and they last forever (speaking from personal experience here).

Beautiful Cutting Boards

The 57-year-old always has a cutting board or two sitting on her counter, and true to form, they fit in perfectly with her minimalist kitchen’s aesthetic. She clearly gravitates toward black versions, but if you’re looking to create a Cox-inspired cooking collection, any aesthetically pleasing option will do.

Extra-Sharp Knives

Cox may joke that she’s not great at cutting food, but that doesn’t mean she takes her knives any less seriously. Almost all of her tutorials feature a sharp-looking chef’s knife — a necessity in any home cook’s kitchen, no matter their skill level.

Ceramic Bowls

Naturally, Cox doesn’t just use any old bowls to mix and serve her food. The actor keeps beautiful, often creamy white ceramic bowls for stirring and storing — a great way to make cooking more fun (and less messy). Make sure to stock up on several different sizes so that you have what you need for various types of recipes.

Mincing Tools

It’s always refreshing to see people admit that they’re a *little* lazy in the kitchen, and Cox is definitely not shy about that fact. Because of that, she often relies on things like garlic presses and mincing tools to chop onions. Who has time to dice up vegetables, anyway?

Pantry Organization

Cox may not have Monica Geller’s cooking skills, but she does prove that she’s similar to her longtime character in other ways. The actor posted a video showing off an intense level of organization in her kitchen — complete with a custom utensil drawer, where every piece has its own spot. (Goals, amirite?) While that may not be the most accessible feature to copy, you can follow her lead in other areas, like the glass jars that filled her pantry.