13 Celebrities You’ll Want To Follow On TikTok

Lizzo’s videos are pure gold.

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Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @jlo

J.Lo’s TikTok does not disappoint. The singer and actor frequently shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her glamorous photo shoots, as well as close-up detail shots of her jaw-dropping outfits and beauty looks.@jlo

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @babybella777

Bella Hadid doesn’t post too much to TikTok, so when she does drop a new video it’s always worth watching. The silly clips of her dancing or goofing around on set will make you LOL.@babybella777

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @lizzo

Lizzo documents everything on her account, from her epic birthday celebrations in Las Vegas to her ‘What I Eat In A Day’ videos. Tune into her TikTok and you’ll feel like you’re one of her besties who’s along for the ride.@lizzo

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @haileybieber

Between managing her YouTube channel, Instagram, and TikTok, Bieber is a busy gal. Check out her viral #PeachesMakeupChallenge TikTok video or watch her have a conversation with her dog that’s laugh-out-loud funny.@haileybieber

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @dualipaofficial

Lipa’s TikTok consists of catchy lip-sync videos with beau Anwar Hadid and behind-the-scenes peeks of her dance rehearsals. Her adorable pup Dex sometimes makes an appearance, so it’s worth following her for the dog content alone.@dualipaofficial

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @gabunion

“Tell me you’ve watched Bring It On without telling me you’ve watched Bring It On,” Union said in a recent TikTok video. You’ll find more of the actor’s takes on viral video trends on her account, plus cute TikToks with her family.@gabunion

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @kourtneykardashian

Kourtney Kardashian’s content includes lots of Keeping Up With The Kardashians references, account takeovers from her kids, and frequent collabs with TikTok influencer/BFF Addison Rae.@kourtneykardashian

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @officialreesetiktok

The actor’s TikTok is filled with entertaining gems, like her personal her book club recs and plenty of puppy content featuring Minnie Pearl. In the words of Elle Woods: “Making viral TikTok videos? What, like it’s hard?”@officialreesetiktok

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @mileycyrus

The singer’s account is a treasure trove of Hannah Montana references, TikTok trends, and footage of her prepping for performances. Definitely watch the clip of Cyrus belting out “Plastic Hearts” while running on a treadmill.@mileycyrus

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @iamcardib

If you’ve ever tried your hand at one of the dance challenges that go along with Cardi B’s music, the rapper might repost your moves on her own TikTok account. Cardi B’s page is almost fully dedicated to showing off her talented fans and spreading the love. @iamcardib

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @rosalia

The Spanish singer’s TikTok account serves as a video archive of Rosalía’s experimental and on-trend style. Fashion gems include a hot pink oversized graffiti tee and a pair of vibrant short-shorts from Off-White that showcase her reworked take on athleisure.@rosalia

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @chrissy.teigen

Teigen’s TikTok account is a hilarious, food-filled video diary. She also loves to tease products and future collabs here for her lifestyle shop Cravings. @chrissy.teigen

Celebrities To Follow On TikTok: @traceeellisross

What you can expect: clips of Ross in the midst of solo dance parties, #BussItChallenge fakeouts, and hysterical never-before-seen footage from the Blackish makeup trailer.@traceeellisross

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