Naomi Campbell’s Go-To Workouts Will Inspire You To Switch Up Your Own Routine

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Though Naomi Campbell's Instagram may make it seem like she's been a longtime fitness fanatic, the supermodel says that's actually far from the truth. "I've never liked working out before I worked out with Joe," Campbell said in a YouTube video with her trainer Joe Holder in 2019. Clearly, though, Holder did something to change her mind when they met — because since then, Campbell has stuck to a few favorite workouts she goes back to again and again.

It's obvious the 50-year-old has found routines she loves; Campbell frequently shares her workouts with Holder as well as other trainers like Courtney Fearon and Ben Bruno in which she often incorporates similar moves and equipment. That said, don't expect to find her on your standard elliptical. As Campbell told E! News in 2018, that's not her vibe. "I work out," she said. "But not [at] a regular type of gym — no machines."

Rather, you can find her switching it up with various props and modalities, making her favorite workouts a great inspiration for those who are easily bored. "She likes being pushed to an extent that goes back to her dancer and athletic side," Holder tells TZR in an email.

Ready to liven (and toughen) up your own routine? Keep reading — Campbell's diverse range of go-to workouts are ahead.

Naomi Campbell's Favorite Workout: TRX

If you are looking to copy Campbell's routine, be warned: It's not easy. That's all too obvious based on the fact that she's known for utilizing TRX (Total Resistance Exercises), which is a type of suspension training that was actually developed by a former U.S. Navy Seal. Here, she uses it to strengthen her arms, but you can also find the model using it to work various other parts of her body, like her core.

Naomi Campbell's Favorite Workout: Jump Rope

"Naomi loves jump rope; it is big for her," says Holder. "She loves anything that stimulates her lymph system in low-impact ways." And while she uses it as a form of cardio, Campbell also wears a resistance band (another piece of equipment Holder says she always has on hand) around her legs during the exercise at times to give it an element of resistance training.

Naomi Campbell's Favorite Workout: Bodyweight Training

Campbell's trainers mix a lot of different types of workouts together to create her routines, which often include bodyweight training. That can vary widely — in this video alone, you'll see planks, toe taps, and squats — and targets pretty much all parts of her body. Additionally, says Holder, she likes to focus on her legs "in a way that helps increase strength without bulk and making sure her hips stay strong." For this, he often turns to "moves you typically see in the rehab world — side lying leg lifts, clam shell variations, etc."

Naomi Campbell's Favorite Workout: Lifting Weights

However, Campbell and her trainers also recognize the power of added resistance. The model often incorporates weighted deadlifts (at 105 pounds, no less), hand weights, and less traditional equipment, like battle ropes, into her routines.

Naomi Campbell's Favorite Workout: Boxing

Another way Campbell gets both strength and cardio in simultaneously? With boxing. Though it doesn't feature as frequently in her fitness regimen, you can still find her adding sparring sequences into her workouts. And she doesn't just practice with a punching bag — she often works with a trainer, which makes her workouts even more difficult.