Halle Berry's Sauna Suit Is An Affordable Way To Intensify Your Workouts

Spoiler alert: It's less than $25.

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Halle Berry / Instagram
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Luckily for fitness fanatics everywhere, Halle Berry is one of those celebrities who's constantly sharing her favorite workouts, tools, and tricks. Thanks to her personal Instagram account and rē•spin, the digital health and wellness community she created, you can almost always check out the latest routine she's trying or trends she's loving. And if you're looking for the next big thing or something out of the box to try, the actor really is a great source of inspiration — among her normal routines are some very intriguing products and workouts. Case in point? The sauna suit Halle Berry recently shared.

The 54-year-old revealed the workout addition in a Jan. 30 video on Instagram in which she discussed her current ab routine. After her normal regimen, Berry says that she does another workout entirely dedicated to abs (very casual). But she's not just doing crunches, people: Apparently, the rē•spin founder also adds a waist slimmer, resistance bands, and that aforementioned sauna suit by Everlast.

While you've probably heard of the former two products, the latter is one that's slightly more under the radar. Yet according to some research, it can actually be an effective addition to certain workouts for a few reasons — great news, considering Berry's version is only $24.

In 2017, Reader's Digest reported that in a study conducted by Western State Colorado University, researchers found that exercising in a neoprene sauna suit "can not only help you lose weight, but also burn fat, lower your blood sugar levels, and increase your aerobic fitness." On top of that, because it's designed to trap heat inside, the brand says it can help keep muscles loose — an undeniably helpful feature when it comes to stretching and starting a workout during those cold winter months.

That said, you should proceed with caution if you're interested in following Berry's lead. As Reader's Digest also notes, the study does warn that sauna suits have the potential to be dangerous "if done without professional guidance and supervision," and that "people with diabetes or other pre-existing conditions may be at increased risk of heat stress." So be sure to ask your doctor first before you decide to wear one of these to workout in, and avoid using them during any long or high-intensity fitness routines in general.

If you do decide with a professional that it's the perfect addition to your workout routine, a version of Berry's Everlast FIT sauna suit is available for both women (in a white and purple colorway) and men right now for only $24. You can shop it — along with her other go-to ab workout tools — ahead.

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