The Surprising Detail That Makes Gabrielle Union’s Home Gym Look So Chic

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Gabrielle Union / Instagram
Gabrielle Union's home gym features an unexpected detail
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Most people appreciate a good over-the-top celebrity home to ogle. While we may not be able to copy them, it's still fun to drool over their waterfall pools and enormous kitchens. Rarely, though, do they bless the world with a room or piece that's actually relatable enough to take inspiration from — which means when they do, it's a lucky opportunity that shouldn't be missed. And that's exactly why you should feast your eyes on Gabrielle Union's home gym.

The Flawless By Gabrielle Union founder shared the space in an Instagram story on Jan. 12, showing off her dedication to early-morning sweat sessions. "Let's goooooo!!! 6 a.m. workout" she captioned the post, giving fans a quick glimpse of the sleek space.

Considering most home gyms are thrown together in the corner of a garage or living area, Union's goes above and beyond for simply being its own room. And with its matching towels and color-coordinated equipment, it basically sets a new standard for fitness spaces. Especially since, if you look closely, you'll notice the actor even paid attention to the design of the floor.

That detail shows up in the video as Union spans the camera, with a black-and-white striped pattern peeking out underneath her treadmill. It's an unexpected addition that, if you think about it, is genius — rather than going overboard (and creating a potentially dizzying space) with a print on the wall, the 48-year-old simply kept the stripes underfoot, which added a major dose of chicness to the otherwise simple room.

Gabrielle Union / Instagram

It's difficult to tell how exactly Union got this feature in her gym just from the video she shared, but a closer look at previous images on her Instagram give a little more insight into the details of the space. In an image of the room posted on Oct. 16, she provides a clear view of the floor, which looks similar to an artificial turf material often used in gyms.

While it's likely Union's version is custom (ah, to be a celebrity), there are other ways you can get a similar look in your workout space at home. Interlocking foam tiles are easy to come by, and can be alternated to achieve a checkered look (which is arguably even more on trend right now). And if you have a concrete floor, you could consider painting it if you're particularly adept at DIY projects.

With the creation of home gyms on the rise, Union's cool space comes at the perfect time to inspire you to upgrade your own. Because not only has this part of the home never been more necessary — it's also experiencing a sort of revival. As Lauren Jenai, founder of the Manifest app and co-founder of the CrossFit enterprise, previously told TZR, 2021 will be all about embracing in-home fitness in fashionable ways. "Instead of dusty, old, rarely used equipment in a corner, it’s time to feature home workout spaces in way that is convenient, enticing to use, and do not take away from home aesthetics."

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