Cardi B’s Brought Out Her Biggest Curls Yet For A Romantic Birthday Dinner

All hail the Libra legend.

Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images
Cardi B long straight hair and sequin dress

Cardi B lives life large even on the most mundane days — a random Tuesday is cause for serious celebration over at her house, complete with couture, catering, and professional photography to capture it all. So what happens on a genuinely momentous occasion, then? That’s officially license to pull out all the stop, including hair and makeup. The massive curly updo Cardi B wore to her birthday dinner with husband Offset would be incredible on its own, but ascends to new heights — pun so intended — when paired with her sultry, lace-paneled red dress, tons of fluttery eyelashes, and a glimmering, jewel-encrusted manicure to cap it all off.

The Libra rapper was in visibly good spirits as she made her way to a West Hollywood restaurant, Offset’s arms filled with boxes of presents. While everything about Cardi B’s va-va-voom birthday look is notable, it’s hard not to first focus on her stunningly tight, voluminous curls, all piled atop her head and left to spill down around her straightened bangs. In her shiny red birthday heels, the curls even tower over 5’9” Offset — her glossed hair alone has to add at least four inches of vertical height to the star.


Known to be a true beauty chameleon, Cardi’s tried just about every hairstyle and color over the years, but has been gravitating toward big, ‘80s-style curls lately for all of her biggest events. Most recently, she wore a similar look to a taping of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, though her bangs were full of perfectly-shaped ringlets rather than straightened and tucked behind her ear.

Bravo/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Cardi’s look as a whole is that it managed to trump even last year’s birthday style — which is seriously saying something. For her 30th in 2022, Cardi threw a cabaret-themed party complete with a showgirl-inspired hair-makeup-outfit combination. While her long, flowing curls were undoubtedly voluminous, nothing beats this year’s vertical drama.

Knowing Cardi, though, continually upping the ante is kind of her thing. She’s probably already planning a global 40th bash right this very moment.