Cardi B Channeled Signature Moulin Rogue Glamour For Her Birthday Blowout

Party with Cardi.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 06:  Rapper Cardi B is seen arriving to the 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes...

Of course Cardi B is a Libra. She’s social, positive, easygoing, and has a serious eye for aesthetics — she might actually be the most Libra to ever Libra, come to think of it. On Oct. 11, Cardi celebrated her birthday in serious style with a jaw-dropping look only a star of her caliber could nail. From head to toe, Cardi perfectly suited the sexy burlesque theme, complete with a ruby-red, feather-trimmed showgirl corset and headdress. The best part of her look, though, is undoubtedly her birthday glam. Cardi B’s vintage curls were the centerpiece of her birthday look, so glossy and defined against her trendy makeup. Cardi’s cabaret definitely did not disappoint.

To nail the event’s atmosphere, Cardi ensured every detail was appropriately on-theme, from the professional burlesque dancers hired to perform at the venue to the vintage Coca-Cola bottles everyone drank from. She’s is a documented fan of all things Moulin Rogue-esque, from her look at the Thierry Mugler: Couturissime exhibition in Paris to her showgirl-inspired hair and outfits at performances and on the red carpet. For her 30th birthday, the Grammy-winner slipped into a red, rhinestone-studded costume, complete with voluminous, glossy s-waves and tons of long, fluttery eyelashes. She posted a close-up look at her glam to her Instagram Story, and fans are already begging for a permanent grid post.


It’s pretty, polished, retro, and delightfully campy — in other words, the look is classic Cardi. Even her husband, Offset, got in on the fun, matching his silk tie and gradient sunglasses to her rich, red corset — by now, he knows Cardi always goes full-force with her annual birthday costume party. The packed party looked like the blowout of the year, with one professional burlesquer posting the most FOMO-inducing video of all time.

The best part about Cardi’s birthday glam is just how wearable it actually is. The jewel-encrusted corset and evening gloves might be one thing, but the vintage curls and thoroughly modern makeup can be incorporated into any night-out look. From her lashes to accessories, Cardi’s the ultimate party inspiration — yet again.