Billie Eilish’s New High-Fashion Collaboration Is *So* On-Brand For Her

She nailed it.

Unsurprisingly, getting the quintessential “Billie Eilish look” can feel a little daunting. There’s the undeniable cool with which she carries herself, for starters — it’s the kind of relaxed chill typically only found in popular high school seniors and international superstars. Then there are her outfits, glamorous combinations of corsets and tulle skirts and bucket hats and giant shorts, utterly unpredictable and yet always so right. And often overlooked, Billie Eilish’s nails always tie her looks together. But in true pop culture icon fashion, Eilish knows what the people want — and she gives it to them.

Just this past October the singer made her entrance into the beauty space with a fragrance in collaboration with Parlux. Now Billie Eilish has embarked on another beauty collaboration, this time with Gucci on a limited-edition, Alessandro Michele-designed gift box containing a vinyl record and sheets of Gucci nail art stickers. The fashion house’s modern reputation is built around its frequent work with young tastemakers (Lil Nas X, Elle Fanning, and Shin Min-a to name a few), and Eilish might be its most high-profile Gen Z collaborator to date.

In a promotional video for the release, fans get a sneak peek of the record, box, and pages of nail stickers included as well as a list of the retail locations exclusively selling the set.

The sticker designs include colorful variations on Gucci’s signature interlocking Gs logo, individual letters to mix and match, and “Gucci” spelled out across in single sheets.


Just based on the previews alone, it looks like there’s plenty of room to play around and come up with all sorts of high-fashion nail art designs — and Eilish has plenty of examples from her own life for fans to draw from.


In arguably the biggest and buzziest fashion moment of her career (so far anyway), Eilish turned up at the 2020 Grammy Awards — where she’d snag five awards, including a historic Album of the Year win — in the look that would become her sartorial calling card: a head-to-toe lime-and-black ensemble that included two-tone hair dye, an oversized Gucci logo clothing set, and long green acrylics emblazoned with even more Gucci logos.

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

In the U.S., the Billie Eilish x Gucci collaboration is available exclusively in-stores at New York’s Wooster Street Gucci boutique and LA’s Beverly Hills flagship location. But despite the limited availability, it’s safe to say that this mashup is one everybody will want to get their hands on.