Billie Eilish’s New Hair Color Might Be Signaling A New Era In Her Music

It’s giving 2019 Billie.

Billie Eilish dark hair

Raise your hand if you remember when Billie Eilish’s Instagram handle was “@wherearetheavocados.” Some might say those were simpler times; especially for Eilish, who had yet to reach the megastar status she currently holds. In 2019, she finally changed her username to @billieeilish, and it’s safe to say that *a lot* has changed for the singer since then — including her hair color. Also around this time, Billie Eilish’s jet black hair was a far cry from her natural blonde as she began to experiment with accent shades like bright blue and neon green. Bold colors were becoming her signature until her recent turn as a Marilyn Monroe-esque blonde proved that she can rock a classic look just as well. Now, the star has returned to her jet black hair, but with a grown-up twist.

After going brunette just a couple of months ago, Eilish dropped by Instagram to show off her new, darker shade with only a single black square as a caption. The singer also left a comment reading, “she’s back.” In under 24 hours, the post has already garnered 7.1 million likes, with many followers pointing out that the shade harkens to Eilish’s earlier days. “Back to 2019,” one user wrote. “BLACK HAIR ERA IS BACK” said another. It also seems like Eilish may have also gotten a trim, her face-framing fringe looking freshly chopped.

Billie Eilish has pretty much become an expert at shocking her fans with dramatic hair transformations on Instagram. In 2021, she nearly broke the internet with a selfie showing off her platinum blonde hair — and later when she revealed that she had actually been sporting a darker wig in order to keep the new look a secret. Her blonde hair ushered in a softer side of Eilish, which culminated in her jaw-dropping Old Hollywood-inspired moment at the Met Gala.

But of course, as a true hair chameleon, Eilish didn’t stay blonde for long. The singer closed out the year with yet another change, this time revealing a short, choppy style and brunette color, hopping on the bob haircut bandwagon along with so many celebrities.

Given that she’s about to embark on a world tour, it’ll be interesting to see if Eilish takes on any other new styles for her performances. Luckily, the singer has proven to be pretty forthcoming about her new hairstyles on Instagram, so the world is surely in for more hair transformations and surprises.